Giants' Golden Tate appears to still be in Joe Judge's doghouse

Boomer & Gio


The giants are in washington. Joe judge asked about golden state prior to practice. Said you expect everything to be business as usual with golden. Today they reported as business usual. Yes okay right. But then he didn't do anything at least in the early part of practice that we know Jason garrett acting jason garib asked about tate. And he won't go. There really wanna comment much on that. Something for coach. Judge to comment on obviously goals done a good job for us when given opportunities and that was pretty much what he would say and then. There's patrick graham the defensive coordinator gotta love this guy. Football simple and i'm a symbol dude. I it comes back the pad level because the pad level leads to the violence. See that's the kind of guy you want coaching for your team. I agree very simple level. Violence let's get it on that. Is it level via ball. Coach cower always would say

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