Wisconsin high court won't let Trump campaign bypass lower court


Court has thrown out a lower court decision that upheld California's limits on the number of people who can attend religious services during the pandemic. NPR's Nina Totenberg reports, the high court has instructed the lower court to reexamine these limits. In previous cases from California. The court had upheld the state's rules. But that changed with the arrival of new Justice Amy Cockney Barrett, who tipped the court majority in the other direction. So now, the justices have told the lower courts to reexamine the rules limiting the number of congregants that indoor services in California religious groups complained that they're the victims of discrimination because the limits on the number of people permitted at worship services are more severe than they are for grocery stores and warehouses. The state counters that there's a far greater danger of covert spread at places where people sing, chant and gather for longer periods of time. Nina

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