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Is WBC news radio on my heart radio station. Cover right now in Boston, where it 52 degrees in the city, But we have that rain already across south southern parts of Massachusetts and much of southern New England. Evening. I'm Nicole Davis. This portion of the news brought to us by window world of Boston. Here's what's happening. Yes, this nor'easter making its way into our neck of the woods this hour, and it's been some time since we had a pretty big amount of snow. This storm, though, could bring us exactly that tonight and rather through the weekend, depending on where you are exactly weather meteorologist Dave Samuel, what is three inches expected to downtown Boston, but it's close by their Merrimack Valley. Wooster Hills. We could see 6 to 12 inches. Now The snow is expected to be heavy and wet. We've got a high wind warning. Oppa's well for the coast and throughout the weekend, we could see gusts up to 60 miles an hour on the Cape and islands. We'll have the full forecast coming up in just about 2.5 minutes with traffic and weather together on the threes. 6 31 our other top story tonight. As we make our way into the weekend. The virus is just not letting up here in Massachusetts. The latest numbers are out tonight. WBC's Carl Stevens, as always

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