A highlight from Communicating science and health messages in Africa


These trillion. National university press giving views on science communication from all over the world. Here's one extract from kenya. Read by the author. Dr margaret edgy. Most recently with the advent of social media science communication has taken on a new dimension in africa. The association of south african women in science and engineering has a public facebook platform for science communication for those concerned with science activities and research online communication with readily available information for example on hiv and aids and gender health issues has enabled more people to be reached with signs information and for people to voice their opinions and concerns while getting immediate feedback. Online communication has resulted in greater shed. Health information with a wider audience. That has no geographical boundaries. Some health issues are sensitive and require diverse approaches for example issues of sexual and reproductive health that include female genital mutilation or female circumcision. These require dialogue and in-depth discussions with those involved with the practice. The procedure of female genital mutilation is mostly carried out on girls in their babyhood to adolescence and before they reach the age of fifteen years in kenya between twenty five and fifty percent of girls and women aged fifteen forty. Nine years have undergone mutilation according to international standards and requirements. Mutilation violates the human rights of girls and women and is known to lead to health complications. Some of which are extremely severe mutilation is performed for various social cultural reasons including the need to be accepted and to conform to social knowns initiation into the hood marriage notions of cleanliness after mutilation and the stand that a cultural practice is not to be argued against despite negative consequences mutilation is endorsed by local leaders and is carried out by risk spectate community members who also have traditional roles such as serving as birth attendance through our continuous dialogue with a certain group of community members and leaders. Their attitudes changed over time and by giving birth attendants alternative roles as birth companions. Who accompany pregnant women to hospital. They have ceased to perform mutilation. The spread of information has been hampered by poor internet militaristic connectivity and high costs of phone and laptop devices particularly in rural and remote regions while the western world has experienced a vast expansion of communication channels and methods such science events. Africa has seen restricted information flow and is largely influenced by political systems. Wave formation is state controlled and vetted for political correctness and in cases where learning institutions and media houses have been under state control. The issue of hiv exemplifies state controlled information instances where any information portrayed depicts the government

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