A highlight from Prince Harry calls for action on climate change

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Of animal come back to the airport. Your favorite place for all the latest going on with the royal family and we have quite the lineup. This week i'm of course. I miss kirby joined by lovely maggie. Really how you doing this week. I o made so good. It is jolly season now. I think we sort of we officially entered the countdown for christmas. I'm not rushing now. We can just like dive full in and we had a great week of course here in the uk. We just sort of getting over the the incredible news that we all the first country to try. We'll take on the fis. A vaccine for corona virus and those begin administering here in just a few days. So it's it's a time of change. I think everyone's very sort of upbeat. We've just come out of a second lockdown all all. Good reasons to feel very hopeful. He wasn't just the news that we needed right. Now i mean coming into the holiday season. And then i know note again and especially for people in america right now. The keep warning that it's going to be really tough few months and we're not out of the woods yet. You still have to social distance and wear your masks and follow government guidelines but just knowing that there is this light at the end of the tunnel and knowing that it's like all right. I can do this for a few more months. If it means that you know not in the not too many more months from now people are going to get vaccinated mass. Vaccinations are going to happen. It's just like the christmas present that i think the world needs of. I think hope is being the one thing that has kept us all going through this year and every every sort of step of the way that sort of like an extra grain to sort of give us or reinforce that we have little hope to see you survive one more month. Exactly exactly but christmas is very much on. Everyone's minds especially for members of the royal family. Of course had the news from buckingham palace. That the couple will be breaking away from the sandringham. Christmas tradition for the first time in over thirty years to celebrate at windsor castle. Of course where. They're currently staying where they have been sort of isolating away but continuing really so majesty's being continuing with her royal duties. Christmases haven't happened at windsor castle. Since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven of course before great fire that took place there and of course forced tradition to change and move the family festivities over to sandringham. So this'll kind of bring things back to a time in the past but of course they want to stay safe. That's what the passover told us. That is really the top of priorities for the queen and prince philip and that also means that some changes will happen. Maggie we will not have the annual christmas service at church usually stay at sandringham people of course lineup for many hours outside. We often get a glimpse of all of the royal family members together that year because of course this year family members will be separately but of course the palace do say that the queen will still have own privates worship at windsor castle chapel. There so they're really trying to sort of do the best. They can in the current circumstances but it will be the first time the queen is being away from her family at christmas and that will no doubt be a strange time. Yeah well it's interesting to something that everyone's dealing with right now. They're warning people not to travel to see their family. Leave and i'm not going back to the states to see my family this year for christmas. It just feels like the right thing to do is just to spend this time and not see large groups of people to really make sure that we stay safe through this winter. I do want to say. I was feeling bad for the you know. The queen is very hard not seeing her family. But what i do love is that they've just gone all in on the christmas decorations at windsor castle to make up. The photos are so incredible. And i like this you know. I told my parents the same thing i said since we're on that game together this year. Let's all go so all in on our household decorations just all the frivolous things that you might not by. This is the year to buy them to make your home. Jolly and windsor castle is no different do you know. They're big tree right the one that's like the biggest one. They have their guess. How holidays. I some george's hall. Which is of course where the sussex has had their wedding reception. It has huge ceilings. I'm imagining it's going to be something. Enormous enormous it's twenty feet high. Someone who recently went and got their christmas tree and tried to shove it into an uber. Let me tell you that. It's one big christmas tree. I will say though mackey. Your christmas tree does have a royal connection of so you went to. you're right. I went to pines a need off. That's it so you went to pines a needles in battersea in the is famously. Where harry and meghan got their first ever. Christmas trees together in the winter of twenty sixteen. When megan was over here in london no one saw them at the time. Doing any came out long after but that has made that place really one of staple spots. I mean obviously a lot of celebrities already. Go there elton.

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