Full Auto Friday - Round 22

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Above that supplements nutrition, fitness, apparel sale, and more, and then content maybe like written. Audio only. Video I. Don't know what you like but there's something there for everybody and I highly recommend you scroll through each and every one of those dropped them and us. To check out what they have because they have some awesome stuff and right there on the main landing page there's Alphabrain power food active a link right to the fitness, which is showing some kettlebells in the total God health. Alphabrain I would say in this is speaking not necessarily them is their flagship product. It's a neutral pick for. Memory Focus and processing speed I use it. I. Like it power food active is a protein powder, but also has hosted micronutrients and total gut health. Well, it's exactly we think it is. It is a supplement for optimizing your gut health digestive enzymes, pray prebiotics, probiotics, and. Bay Teen H see I. Go check out the site on DOT com slash hot get ten percents off when you check out. And that's it on the business side of the house. Let's get into Friday round twenty to. Smoke. North. Small. Wish should small. Gauge close now. Oh. These gentlemen. Here we go. What's been a frustration I don't like it when electronic things don't do what things have been told to do but I digress. Some questions and a little bit of weekend action we on our way. Started off with a relatively heavily one. This comes from Zach. Hey Andy this past Monday on October fifth. I was on the phone with one of my best friends. I knew he'd been struggling with depression and I was reaching out to try and see if I could help him give him some motivation. After being on the phone and having a normal conversation about life for about fifteen minutes got pretty deep emotional. I told him I loved him and that he was a good person, he asked me to take care of his dog and before I could say anything I heard a blast and then shell hit the floor in parentheses I think. My best friend. Someone I would consider my brother ended his life. Adrift Semi Trucks and it was at work and I was at work with about two hundred and seventy miles until I got home. I know you're not a professional, but I'm pretty sure I've listened to every single podcast you've put out and I was curious if you had any advice for me. Thank you for everything. Zach. Damn. First and foremost I. AM incredibly sorry. For, the loss of your friend and obviously. To everybody who knew that individual it's what you're describing is unbelievably. Heavy. I can only imagine I can imagine that feels actual weight on your shoulders. I am not a professional that. Thank you for clarifying that because that's exactly what I would have said to start off this answer. I've never been on the receiving end of the phone call. Like that So I can't speak from experience and I don't have. A ton of experience around suicide and my personal life, and for many years, what I would have said is that I don't understand suicide at all. But if I'm being completely honest which I try to be as often as possible. The, past eighteen months of my life has given me a better understanding of how people arrive. At that place where they think that ending their life is the only option or the only way to make what is happening to them stop. And I'm not saying I'm suicidal because I've never had suicide suicidal aviation's have never. Truly, consider that to be an option, and also in the last eighteen months of my life, I have also experienced what I would consider to be. Some of the highlights that I ever have in my life. So I've taken the good with the bad. But. Some of it for in my personal life has been bad to the point where at least I think I stand

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