Trump plans return to public events after COVID diagnosis


Will reportedly hold a campaign event outside the White House tomorrow. New York Times reports, he'll host hundreds for a rally on the South Lawn. This is something of a change in plans Last night on Fox News, he told Sean Hannity. He felt perfect and was planning events in battleground states. We want to do a rally in Florida, probably in Florida and Saturday night. Might come back and do one in Pennsylvania in the following night, and it's incredible what's going on, But I feel so good. Despite positive reports from the White House physician there have been lingering questions about the president's health. Since last week's announcement. He was infected and suffering from Kobe on Fox and friends. White House spokesman Kayleigh Mcenany, who is also infected, said adequate precautions will be taken. He's reiterated that to me that he believes that today are rather Saturday, he will be clear to go. I'll leave that to him as to how that works medically, But he assured me that their medical tests underway that will ensure that when the president backed out there, you will not be able to transmit the virus in time. The president will also make his first on camera interview appearance since his covert diagnosis tonight. He's to appear with Tucker Carlson on Fox News and ate one twist to this, Dr Marc Siegel will conduct a medical evaluation and interview with the president, even though they will be at Different remote locations. Dr. Siegel is a contributor to Fox News. He's repeatedly pushed Corona virus misinformation. During this appearances, White House position shot. Connolly has said the president has completed his course of treatment for the virus. Meantime, the

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