George Clooney says he has cut his own hair 'for 25 years'


Display in the movie Ocean's 11. This morning. He's in conversation about his latest film with Tracy Smith. Come in either. This is Barbeau Observatory. Are you receiving this? Yep. That's him. Is anyone out there? Our galaxy alone? There are billions of stars. At least one of them has the potential to support life in the futuristic thriller the Midnight Sky. George Clooney is a lone scientist trying to warn astronauts away from an earth that is no longer habitable. And all while he's caring for a young child, understand for the movie, Clooney grew a beard, drop some weight and put on his director's hat. Take a deep breath You haven't been taking on a lot of acting rules. What was it about this project that was so compelling that you decided to direct and act in it. I saw the part. I thought, Well, there's a really great part. And then I had an idea of how to tell the story. And so I called them Netflix and said, You know, I think I think I have a take on it. As we see early in case what we wanna do is with our graphic is habit just getting developed. Strong T C. You're gonna watch you go from blue to Brown. Let's try that. With the film in theaters and on Netflix December, 23rd is both powerful. And poignant and don't even ask about the ending. Clooney shot it all last year just before the real world. Shut down. Are you enjoying being home all the time now? Well, look, no system, Way met George at his home in L. A, where he spent the past few months with his wife, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, their two kids. And a whole lot of time on his hands. It's been a while since I did, you know, 15 loads of laundry and a day and mop floors. And you know all these doors over here, I stained and there was, you know, I always say, I felt like my mother in 1964 because she had two kids and no help, and I don't know how she did it. Now I have more sympathy for now than ever. And have you been cutting your own hair? I've been getting my own effort, 25 years, so it has nothing to do with quarantine. Look, I have my hair is like really like straw,

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