Biden Expected To Name More Cabinet Members As Transition Of Power Goes On


For the White House. The president elect is preparing to announce more key staff positions after the holiday weekend. His transition aides now have clearance to work with members of the outgoing administration. Donald Trump, the departing president, still claims he won the election. But during this week, his actions and even some of his words Have been more in line with the reality that he lost. And we have NPR political correspondent Asthma college with us this morning. Hi, Asma. Hi there. Okay. So Biden has already unveiled its foreign policy. National security teams. What is he turning to this week? Well. The big news of this week was that the General Services Administration told Joe Biden's team that that it could officially begin the transition process. So what this means is that he will likely begin to have his first in person National Security briefings next week. Hey, will likely begin receiving the president's daily brief on Monday. And, you know, typically, the incoming president would receive classified intelligence briefings. Just so that they have a sense of you know what they're stepping into into the White House. But by didn't had not been receiving these classified briefings because of the delays in the transition process, you know, in terms of other key appointments we already know thanks to my colleague, Frank or Dona is is reporting that Biden is planning to nominate Janet Yellen as his Treasury secretary. She, of course, has plenty of experience navigating tough economic environment. We'll get a fuller picture of the other people on Biden's economic team, and I'm really interested to see this in part, David because it's coming at a critical moment when millions of people are set to lose unemployment benefits at the end of the year, and there's this ongoing debate about additional covert relief. Yeah, a lot of important debate over that issue,

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