UK asks regulator to assess AZ-Oxford vaccine amid questions


Astrazeneca is adding an extra trial of its covid nineteen vaccine to clear up confusion and questions over. What dosage yields the best results. Meanwhile the uk's medical regulator is set to conduct its own assessment of the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. That brings its roll out one. Step closer the bbc's medical editor fergus. Walsh has more. The oxford astrazeneca vaccine has an overall efficacy of seventy percent. But this rose to ninety percent in a group who were mistakenly given an initial half dose of the job followed by a full one. There has been some concern. Expressed that this subgroup. Fewer than three thousand people was comparatively small and contain no one over the age of fifty five. The detailed results of the vaccine trump have been submitted for peer review in a medical journal and when published the team at oxford hopes. This will help answer. Many of the questions which have been raised astra zeneca says it already has all the data it needs to submit the vaccine for approval around the world and this should happen imminently however it is hoping to amend a separate manager trial of the vaccine in the us around a third of the thirty thousand. Volunteers have already been recruited. But among many of those remaining it wants to try the initial half does formulation as part of the study to further explore. Why giving a lower amount of vaccine could yield more protection.

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