149: Choosing a Payment Processor, Radical Icons & W3C Hype

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An episode of Full Stack Radio Adamant I, discussed how it sucks when you're forced to change building platforms and then we embark upon a deep dive on the merits of Adam's favourite solutions. We also talk about my recent radical icon launch and promotional strategy regrets, which thankfully has a bit of a silver lining and instead of make news the W3C drops wordpress in narrows the choice of their next cms down to static and craft. This is full stack radio episode, one, hundred and forty. Nine. PUPUDU. Has Gone. It's going pretty well, how are you not bad. Busy. Week but whatever. I just had my best friend from New York in town all weekend, which is awesome. That's cool. That was very cool and then we have friends from New York that had moved to North Carolina coming in today. So this morning had to leave for the airport at four. They're coming this afternoon for a week. Then parents were gear. We have like all month. When. You live in Florida and. I. there. We were warned like Oh. That sounds awesome. Love everybody we love No. In practice when they they don't even give us a day in between. As it I mean it's going to be good good. That is one of the responsibilities you take on as a Florida. Homeowner just like a pickup owner takes on you know. Exactly, you're helping people move stuff you buy a house. You're hosting people during the winter. That's. Part. Of, the. Deal. Is No, way around it. Yeah. So what do we do on the show anymore? Are we in it? We're we're always in I'm pretty sure right. We're just show. We're always in the show. Yeah Yeah. So what's new and exciting? I saw you released radical icons What was that Thursday I did it was it was Thursday released it on my birthday. So yes, that was Thursday. to Mr Jain. Never. That's GONNA. Be My. Ringtone Hang. Sultry voice. Don't birthday sock is like a fully grown human being there's nothing to look forward to about now. Now, really at all, not even the gifts anymore. I, don't know my wife is always complaining to me that I'm the hardest person and by Christmas, presents for because. If I want something I just buy it. If. In most of the things I want our business extensible. So it's like. Yes. So there's literally nothing I don't know what she's done. That's been good in the past has been like. Like event tickets and stuff like that. But of course, totally that's not events anymore. Yeah. So at least not not up there, it's starting to become an option down here in Florida. Yeah. Yeah. But still a little bit. Yeah it's touching go on some of that stuff. I did I mean the evening was nice. Had A good dinner had family over. So that was fun and my wife bought me original gameboy which. You can help me. That's pretty nice. That's good. Is that just go in like a glass case or is that just it's on my shelf? Yeah. No on Ebay, bidding for my like my game collection. So I Bet Nostalgic, experience? Again. Do the sound when you turn it on I, should have grabbed it and brought it in here the. That sound to brings us last since shivers that gives me chills I feel like. I'm in the back of my parents blue station wagon and it's nighttime and I'm playing Zelda by the light of streetlights flying by. mccoo there. And I it's like. Yeah, I never had the flip down magnifying glass with light I. wanted it was like thirty five dollars and it was like, do I do I by the light or do I buy another game and it was always another game always another game Crass. Who who has the money as a kid? I mean some people do but I, didn't I blew it as soon as I had it. Yeah. Me Too. Yeah. But anyway, you radical icons something I, launched on. Thursday. It's not like this big thing. I wanted to see if I could put something together in one day and have having a value for people to buy it so I did that. Kind of icons are I, drew them all in one day but. They are kind of based off stuff that I've been dry drawing a lot for my sight. So it's not like it was all just sit there like two hundred ideas. I thought like I recognize them from the static site because you had all those like. twirl. And Yep exactly. Yeah. If you. If you go through, you'll see that they are all unique so that my current projects all have unique ones and then. No one will be like, Hey, did you steal that off the static side are of like Jack's website like now they're all you know all original. So they're just kinda unique to this little package and Yeah, it was fun. Not like a game changer anything I think it's old. Seventy one seventy. If I don't count your purchase that I'm fairly certain never gonNA use for any anything. Could be if my friends make things I buy them. Goes I do the same thing. I think a lot of people have this built in mentality, which is wrong which is if your friends make things, you expect to get them from your friends for free. I think the reverse mentality is correct alley. Won't even use rather than ask for things that you would use from them for free.

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