Apple officially announces iPhone 12 event for October 13: ‘Hi, Speed

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Just as the years for saw, Avalon, Tuesday sent notice of its next socially distant event. High speed says the announcement. That's eight comma speed. I guess that makes at least one iphone five Geo though I. Think we had already landed on that square by now. Expectations have apple introducing four iphone twelve's according to apple insider. They're said to include a five point four, inch iphone twelve, a six point one, inch iphone twelve, Max, a six point one, inch, iphone twelve pro and a six point seven inch iphone twelve pro Max. All are expected to support five G. though. As we've discussed before their spy G, then there's five G. Apple insider says, there is the possibility all will include support for sub six GIGAHERTZ bands. But only some models may offer the high-speed m M or millimeter wave support. I like to call it no A. You can really taste the Geez. As. For the other hardware, the report says apple is still expected to reveal air bags. It's object tracking accessory. Taking advantage of Ultra wideband and Bluetooth the accessory could attach to keys or other objects and could be found by the users find my APP by using the existing network of iphones in the world to help locate the tag. Interestingly there may actually be an air tag on the event announcement. If you haven't seen that the invitation art is both simple and pleasing to the eye. To dark blue background with four seemingly translucent circles on it transitioning from lighter blue to orange. AT THE CENTER OF THE CENTER CIRCLE IS NAPA logo. Prolific Apple leaker. John. Prosser couldn't help noticing how much that senator shaded circle with the Apple Logo looks like an airtight rendering he'd seen and shared last month. That's got called the Mike saying that Tuesday's announcement might hide air bags in plain sight. Something else hidden not quite in plain sight. Is Another augmented reality? East Iraq. Does that mean an a are announcement next week well. It didn't last time, but a boy can dream. Similar to the time flies event announcement. The MAC observer says, apple's high speed. Then art can play an ar trek. To See it says had the apple events page on your iphone that apple dot com slash events. TAP on the high speed events logo, the camera will open and you will be instructed to move your phone around. Do all that and the date ten thirteen will float in your space along with the circle slash spears from the event announcement. It's the shadows that get me. It's not just shapes floating on the screen they appear to be casting shadows on the floor or table or. Whatever surface you're shooting against The future is going to be seriously messed up. Tim O. Says, you can also take a screen shot when the a are feature is running. You can use that to convince your friends that you are a wizard. Of, course, there's also the possibility of some sort of audio something. We heard yesterday that apple has pulled third party headphones and speakers from its online store. That's gotten folks who were expecting smaller home pod and on ear apple branded headphones. Expecting the more fervently. Next Tuesday's as good a time as any I suppose. As for when we can see what we'll see. Isn't it weird that we're still doing things like it's the before times. Somebody somewhere is going to hit play at ten. Am Pacific One PM Eastern on Tuesday the thirteenth about Tober. That'll obviously happened on apple's events page though it's not showing up yet one assumes it'll be available through the apple TV, APP, putting it on the Apple TV device as well as iphone IPAD ipod touch, the MAC and never growing list of smart t B.'s and streaming devices. Apple will stream the event on Youtube page. You can go there now to set a reminder. They will make it available as a podcast later seriously if you missed this event. It's because you want to.

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