What's the deal in Kyrgyzstan?


The being few short remains for foreign observers of a given event to be clown themselves than by drawing convenient comparisons we should probably banish any suggestion that what is happening in Kingston has anything much in common with what has been happening in Belarus. There are granted superficial similarities, lodge crowds of citizens who aren't buying the result of a recent election and amount of violence between protesters and police but recent events in Belarus are actually pretty straightforward overstaying tyrant Riggs won election to many demonstrations and the present standoff ensue. Kingston. Is some several layers more complicated and seems poised for a more decisive and dramatic? K. Gaston voted in parliamentary election on Sunday. This was not necessarily predestined to be a Hollow Mockery K. Gaston previous parliamentary election in two thousand fifteen pretty decent reviews from international observers on Freeness and fairness fronts certainly by the generally would be gone standards of Central Asia. This is was different not least because this really doesn't happen. Often the governing party didn't turn up Kingston Social Democratic. Party was stunned by loyalties divided between Kingston's current President Surin by Jeenbekov and he's predecessor Almaz atom by of the two former have fallen out badly in recent years to the extent that last August automobile was arrested and this past June sentenced to eleven years in the clink on corruption charges. As of Monday morning Adam Beyer was a man thanks to the crowds which stormed the National Security Committee building in Bishkek with the former president was being held former Prime Minister John Toro Sati Baldev also on the hook on corruption charges will sprung in similar circumstances. According to official results only four parties of the sixteen contested Sunday's election past the threshold of seven percent necessary to take seats in Kigali stands parliament the Supreme Council three of these parties protesters could not help but notice enjoyed the favour of president. Jeenbekov, who was widely believed to have had his thumb on the scales protests on Monday morning started small and peaceful grew larger and Rowdier, and by Monday evening had taken the parliament building set bits of it on fire and set about redecorating the surrounding streets with ransacked documents. Giga Stan does have an amount of foam for this sort of thing in two thousand and five mass protests which eventually became known as the Tulip Revolution. Forced President Askar Akayev from office. He is now a mathematics professor at Moscow State University in two thousand and ten his successor. Kurmanbek Bakiyev also skipped the country with an angry mob at his heels he was lost heard of. In Minsk begin with breaking news in Kirghistan, the prime minister has resigned. Vert list of is leaders overthrown by popular acclaim. Now appears to have been joined by Prime Minister Cutback Borakove who resigned after the positive results of Sunday's election were annulled by electoral authorities nominated. Piece, in the country and stability in society is more important than any politicians mandates. Suggests that the central. Election Committee thoroughly investigate any violations during the election process. That's a no the result if necessary. I asked political leaders to calm the voters and ask them to take part in gathering. As, this explainer went to wear President Jeenbekov precise whereabouts on certain was also making these sort of statements of willingness to pass power along to responsible new leaders. That one issues is one shovels, the contents of the state treasury into one's Portman toes and frantically oldest one's pilot to fire up the engines and seek clearance for landing in some capital. Four, it's interesting extradition treaties. Possibly significantly President Jeenbekov found the time earlier today to convey birthday greetings to President Vladimir. Putin of Russia volunteering ernest appreciation of Putin's it says here, great contribution and constant attention to the consistent expansion and development of cages Russian multifaceted ties. Custodians Parliament has installed a new prime minister Saadia drop her off another politician who was in prison time last week, it very much remains to be seen how long he'll lost with the parliament buildings still occupied by protesters. Mr Japan was appointed at an emergency meeting in Bishkek hotel, which he had to leave virus service entrance. Once his presence became public knowledge the crowd still filling the streets and squares of Bishkek seen Kina until I talked to Gassiev, a businessman who trades in your shaped greenhouses and is also a representative of a younger generation of caregivers politicians. He is claiming the mantle of the head of government. As to what happens next, it may become important that to external players in particular will be hoping that what happens next? Little as possible Russia maintains a military airbase account in Gaston north China which borders Kingston to the south is a major trading partner. As, both will understand however, an as another cohort of caregivers politicians are presently learning the hard

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