To Tackle Racial Disparities In COVID-19, California Enacts New Metric For Reopening


State health officials are detailing a new equity measure that will affect how quickly counties can reopen during the covert 19 pandemic. KFBK is Tim Lance reports California Public health officer Dr Eric Upon says the equity metric is meant to keep people from being left behind during the recovery from Corona virus in places were black, Latino and Pacific Islander groups have suffered a disproportionate share of cases positivity of the most disadvantaged actually has to match the next least restrictive here. So we're incentivizing counties to reduce those infections across every neighbor. That raises the concern that the state's already slow process of reopening businesses and schools will move even slower, something Dr Pon admits counties that are not addressing. Yet those disparities Air not quite reaching the lower test positivity is in the areas that have the most disadvantaged with these opportunities are going to move slower through college and state health officials say they have nothing in the works beyond the current color tear reopening plan. It's going to stay this way for months. Tim Lance NEWS. 93.1 KFBK,

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