National Get Funky Day with Johanna Nuding

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Hi. Paul, it's Joanna. Twenty twenty is taking its toll and so many people find themselves in a funk and not the arm swaying booty shaking kind of Funk Paul. I mean the depressed kind. That's why I need your help raising the vibration on this funke thon by promoting national get funky day. It's time to get our groove back. Give us some ideas for celebrating life and spreading love and light on this funky EST of holidays. Yes you anna there's no doubt many of us are in a funk this year but thanks to October fifth we have national get Funky Day and I have the cure for what ails us. Yes I'm talking about the song play that funky music by Wild Cherry, if that opening guitar riff doesn't get your booty shaking then something is wrong you. For my first recommendation I give you a shaping opinion episode were host Tim O'Brien Interviews Rob Parisi the founder of the band and they talk about that classic song they talk about how that song isn't just for an old fogy like me as the song continues to hook new generations. So crank that song on your record player and show off your dance moves using the national get Funky Day Hashtag. Today's gases Joanna noothing. Joe And I met the first day my very first podcast movement conference in two thousand eighteen. I think she was stalking me because I kept running into her for the next few days. Okay. That definitely is not true. But in a nice impromptu conversation, I learn more about cannabis than the had in my entire life before then. That's because Joe is the host of the casually baked podcast a great resource for the Cana curious when I say, I know nothing about marijuana I'm not lying. So when I scan Joe's podcasts, the first episode I went for was the four twenty episode where she enlighten me to a lot of industry vocabulary. For a third recommendation, Joe says and I quote. My podcast episode Rak happens to have the longest F- in name of all time. The podcast is on purpose would j Shetty the episode name is the one habit. All highly effective people live by and how to implement it in your life I thought it was a nice companion piece to the National Day I shared unquote. For today's hot sauce. I will state that I have never inhaled, but I'm actually not lying. Come back on. October eighth for something White Gooey.

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