051 - Between Two (SA) Presidents: Moses Maier

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Everyone wow. It's been a while. Welcome back to another episode of fills. Pelosi's i'm your host. Philip warfield over the last few months my world is changing some pretty massive ways at love to talk to you all about these experiences pretty soon but until then we still got some unfinished business here in season one even though my phd has kept me a little bit busy. I've just got three more conversations from the previous area that i really want to share with you. One of them was from over a year ago. Another was maybe six months ago and today's was from a weekend right before pandemic totally changed our lives. It was tough. It was tough when bean esa president and then i was an intern advent health. Which looking back. It was very beneficial. I believe that we have to have lows in life to appreciate the high moments. In fact the the high moments are are made better stronger and more lasting. When you have those moments where you can be in a humble state of mind when you can be in a reflective state of mind where everything is not that the peak of its experience taught me to welcome those moments. They're not comfortable. They're uncomfortable and itami to welcome the uncomfortable moments. Because that's where you learned deaths. That's where you come back to. God the most and so looking back it was. It was difficult but it was necessary to take the next step. I had a conversation. With moses meyer a mentor. The student association president of my university right before me. We talked about why everyone should own a pair of tacos. How he asks girlfriend and mary him at monse. Up to what he saw me before. I saw it within myself and how he found a life and purpose after leaving office. I'm so glad to be back for a little as i prepare to share with you guys next year. Thanks for writing with me. Thus far and i'll see you soon and today's episode being on the show moses no problem. It's an honor. It's great to be here failed. thanks for having me. Thank you for allowing me to be in your house on a sunday. Of course yeah. I can't think of anything better to do. thanks again. this time change throws everything off. Yeah as of this recording i. It's a really funny story. Telling everybody that i played myself so i was gonna go to bed. It was two. Am so i was like okay. Well let's not bad but not bad. I looked at my phone. One more time and suddenly became three and i was like. Oh don't take that from me fit right. i just want to our russia. But well i am. I'm awake you're awake. I am awake again. of course i've most notably known you as a friend. A mentor student association. President will remain. You taught me a lot especially in those last few months of your time at. What were you thinking when you were first considering a run for your own presidency. A few years ago Well i'm honest. When i first came to southern i as a freshman i gentlemen Man what was his name. Now the guy before garrison hayes. That's right i can't believe. I blinked on that great guy garrison hayes. I saw him on stage and it just crossed my mine. That's an inspirational guy. I want to do that one day. Honestly of forgot about that until my junior year in his hanging out with my girlfriend now my wife wednesay and my best friend cameron he calls me says hey. The deadline to applies in half an hour. Better running there and submitted applications. Your last chance and my wife looks at me. He's like run. So i guess this is it. I booked it from the village. Right to the student association well student development area there and come to find out. I had a week so it was good. Alright so i had a lot more time to think about it and process when my platform was going to be and Just i think the big part surrounding that was the support. I had from my wife and my best friend cameron stock and they really help. Guide me through that time of. This is something you've wanted you've wind to lead here on southern's campus and be a part of empowering students and so that's really was going through my head.

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