Chicago’s Winter Overnight Parking Ban Begins Tonight


Drivers drivers across across Chicago Chicago woke woke up up this this morning morning some some of of any any way way to to an an unwelcome unwelcome surprise. surprise. The cars were gone totally by city trucks on the first day of the cities. What are parking restrictions? Let's go to the far South side now for a live report from WBBM smite Krauser. A bad word. The auto pounded 103rd and Dodi, and there's some serious frustration down here. We just ran into a woman who came out of the booth and tears unable to get her car. Could you can't get your card? No, because I have to have cash or I have to have a card that's on. That's not like the owner's name. Because in my dad's name, I just drive it sometime. You can't. I'm on the insurance, too. Yes, from the South Loop. I came all the way here. I took in over which costs a fortune in the morning. I have my son with me who's on the single mother. So you can imagine how much this is gonna cost me now to get to the bank to get cash and come back here and get the card. He's gonna miss class. For what? For a sign that says Don't part because of snow. Where's the freaking snow? This'd not okay. In In a a pandemic, pandemic, and and she she went went on on to to say say that that she she doesn't doesn't know know how how long long she's she's gonna gonna even even have have a a job. job. And And so so she she had had to to take take another another over over to to a a bank and come back here and get her car. We've seen a lot of cars coming in. Not a lot coming out So far. Just a handful of people in the last hour or so came to claim their vehicles. It's gonna cost him about 200 bucks to get them out of here.

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