A highlight from BlackBerrys back, alright BBs 30% stock u-turn. Sephoras Inception retail. Zooms shrinkage.

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Two weekdays. There's one thing my buddy from vermont knows. It's landlocked lake champlain. Freshwater as account. Let's hit our three stories next daily rape food candy. They don't reflect the views of robinhood family informational just so recommending any securities. It's not a research. Report or investment advice offer or sale of a security digestible business news view financial llc member favor slash sipc for our. I honestly we didn't see this. One cowan blackberry is partnering with amazon. That's right blackberry. Wants to be in your car. Not your palm. we repeat. blackberry is partnering with amazon. This is like pauly. Shore partnering up with steven spielberg honestly. This is funny. Your ugly friends dating. You're hot friends. it's quite a mismatch and for issuing a joint press release with amazon. That alone sent blackberry. Stop up as much as sixty. Four percents is mooning by association. Not bad to be blackberry yesterday. Now blackberry is recovering smartphone maker. Do smartphones anymore. Now that is so twenty ten. Instead of connecting phones blackberries connecting cars now and get this wild stats knackers turns out and seventy five million cars are already using blackberries code in those cars. Are there even one hundred. Seventy five million cars in the world. We repeat one hundred and seventy five million cars are already using blackberries technology. Were impressed blackberry. Were impressed but then they just announced yesterday a vehicle. Data integration and monitoring program called ivy ivy. Y all capital letters. Shocker not an acronym. There must be fans of the chicago cubs smackers. Then jack and i ended up recording this here. Podcast about two hours later than usual. Because blackberry issued an absurdly long press release. We had to jump into snack style. I read the whole thing. It took me about an hour neck. Thirteen hundred words. Thirty seven tweets. This press release was like half a lift lift because it was extremely hard to understand this service or they had a lot of explaining that they went into a lot of detail in the core theme. Here is iot. It's the internet of things connecting everything to another thing. Blackberries ivy system is going to let you check everything going on in your car from the comfort of your phone now. The examples given they went from interesting to shocking jack. Let's say you gotta check the oil in your car. No need to grab a paper towel or a dirty rag to wipe off that dipstick you can check your oil level. Straight from the omo brag. On the dipstick. Nice drop their jack. Let's say you gotta the the old check engine light going on. You gotta check the battery. Jack what do you do if you got blackberries tech. The car will actually predict. When you're bad is going to run out and suggest to you you might want to set up a reservation at exit two which has a bunch of superchargers yaqub if you got a car. You got the blackberry technology in it and your kid maybe driving that vehicle. They will inform parents if they detect that their children are texting and drive. That is wild and it's possible because blackberries putting sensors everywhere recording data on everything. That touches the chassis. Loads of data from the car driving is going to feed through amazon web services the cloud services then blackburn is to team up to analyze that data and provide insights to the drivers and the car companies weird but lucrative couple blackberry amazon. It's a beautiful couple so jack. What's the takeaway for buddies over at blackberry detroit. Plus blackberry equals tesla love equation jack. Now tesla it's got the tech town tesla's headquarters are over in palo alto. It's about what would you say. Jack like three two three miles self drive from stanford's campus. Yes stanford's campus is so tacky. Their winter dances have been touchless. Twenty seventeen jaguar at stanford. They don't pay tuition. They pay subscriptions fifty five thousand dollars subscription. Now you got detroit's knackers yet. Street guard germany. You got japan. They're not as known for their attack. They're more known for their four wheels to compete with tesla's ridiculously connected cars all the other car companies. They're to turn to blackberry and amazon web services and that is exactly the hope of blackberries investors. Every car company will turn to to testify their own cars even better than tessa for our second story. Kohl's get the shocking this stock at kohl's just jumped thirteen percent yesterday. They've done that in years. The mid tier department store is setting up. Eight hundred fifty sephora stores within their stores were inception retail inception retail dream within a dream within a dream christopher. This is very leo leo strategy. Now they need to boost because coal sales have fallen twenty five percent this year. They didn't get that essential business badge so they had to close down stores early with covert cloak of essentiality. By the way jack you call. Did you call the mid tier departments vaguely insulting subtle but by twenty twenty three staggers. Nearly a thousand coal stores are going to have these little two thousand square foot makeup stores within their stores. And those makeup stores are going to be sephora stores with any partnership you expect both sides to benefit thickets the fundamental thing. Jack and i look at here for sephora which is owned by luxury brand. Lvmh they're going to get to open fewer stores now and they can worry less about real estate because they'll be inside. Coal schools is getting some excitement inside their stores. And they expect this inclusion of sephora to triple beauty sales now snacker familiar to you it may sound like a lot like those disney stores within target stores that we talked about just a year ago or ulta beauty which is doing the same thing putting many stores within targets. They announced that last month but there is a funny key. Critical difference jackman. I noticed here. About kohl's joe is being very loud about yeah. Those are his words literally. He said we're going to be very loud about this partnership. This isn't a target situation where they're plopping a mini store of someone else's subtly in between six and seven and there's nothing subtle about this kohl's is actually going to stick a four logo assign on the very front of their own kohl's stores as if they're on the same page. They're probably giving it prime real estate right when you walk in the door nick. What's the opposite of hubris jack. I believe it's me bristow. Kohl's isn't gonna stop there because they're also gonna stop selling beauty products that are like kohl's beauty products they're only gonna let sephora sal the pd products. They're basically delegating their entire cosmetics business over to sephora for their stores within stores if kohl's does more of these loud stores within their stores there won't be any kohl's leftover for anybody to shop. If you've got too many stores stores you're becoming a mall. So jack what's the takeaway for our buddies over. It's a foreign kohl's kohl's needed an anchor product and sephora only does anchor products snappers anchor products. It's that one surprising thing that routinely gets people in your store but then they end up buying other stuff there. Because they're anchored by the anchor product virtue of the online pet store. The anchor product is dog food. You got to buy dog food. Monthly puppies gotta eat for walmart. The anchor product for new parents diapers which i learned today newborns need nine or twelve of per day. You gotta get those weekly. Makeup also needs to be replenished frequently so it is a great anchor product to. It's also the ultimate anchor product. 'cause it gets younger clientele in your store and once they're in the store you might as well head over to. I'll buy some slippers or something and pay kohl's inception retail. It's part of the story. But the key is that coasters found the ultimate anchor product for third and final story. Zoom just unveiled honestly jack a freakishly impressive earnings report over that zooms earnings report as the peanut cop and get that analyzed. Yes it's like a deer rattlers situation going on and yet zoom stock plummeted. Fifteen percent after the report doesn't make any sense. Jacqueline jumped in this next out. By the way people complain that you have to like click to leave the meeting and then it's like awkward because your face is still there and then you've got to confirm yes so i want leave the meeting. It is annoying. Yeah you've the best solution. So instead i just shut my computer. Arctic get done. People assume i lost. It makes a loud sound and people get freaked out. Zoo third quarter revenue quadrupled.

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