Powerhouse Marketer Ana Valdz on Using Media to Create Change


Ana you were ten years old growing up in mexico city the first time you witnessed the power of marketing. Take me back to that. yes. I would remember perfect. He i was driving with my mom and we knew that there was a huge problem in with water and we traditionally unfortunately at that time didn't have a lot of good experiences with efforts from the government and suddenly a hero the radio vis campaign that was called sierra and sierra leone's in english means i actually doesn't have a real great station but it means turn it on right and it meant that people when they are you know watering when they are brushing their teeth. Or whatever. just turn it off. you don't need to keep it open all the time in that. Remember thinking this ad just changed the way. I do everything. I cannot even imagine what it's doing for the rest of the country and extremely that happened. Two years later we were out of the prices and through the power of media have changed the way mexico was meant to suffer and avoided that huge drought at the some of the consequences of the drought. So i said you know what for me visit. I'm using media to create change. Whatever happens in my life. That's what i'm gonna do. When did you actually realized that marketing could be a career. So in mexico marketing as a career didn't exist and i actually begged my dad to let me go to this specific school but them on the ray because it was the only place where i could find marketing as a career and i did go and i loved it and i was lucky enough to get amazing professors. The people that were developing marketing at that point in mexico where my my professors and they gave me internships. I worked for them every summer. And that's how he ended up being a fanatic. Your first job. You worked for nielsen. Global marketing research firm for four years in mexico and you were one of the first women that they had hired. How did being among the first show up in your experience there. I come from a family of men that love strong women so i always loved being a strong women. Even though i had to pay prices you know being a strong woman. But i loved it and so when i asked for this job i remember thinking it doesn't matter who was before me or who they want. I'm going to show them. How much good for them in the process was very very rigorous and you had to interview with each one of the managing directors of the partners. And you had to interview with Every one of the heads of the teams. And i remember thinking every time using my marketing skills right. Who's my audience. What did they want what we need to get them. And i remember at the end of the process. When i was lucky. Enough to get in one of the people interviewing me told me for me. There was no difference that you were a woman. And that's exactly what i wanted to here.

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