Godly Stress Management


Think surely we all understand that. It's not god's will for us to live under pressure and stress all the time. How many understand that that is. Not god's will okay and so it is a disease of our culture but just because we live in a culture that doesn't mean that we have to adopt that culture. Now listen to what i'm sayin otherwise. Just end up making excuses for everything it's like. Well that's just the way the world is today but does not have to be the way your world is and then i'm gonna say that again you know just because that's the way the world is today doesn't mean that has to be the way your world is our the way my world is and i can tell you if anything's going to change in your life or my life then we're going to have to take responsibility to change it now. I don't mean that we change anything. Without god the first thing we always do in every situation as go to god but i think we get mixed up between what god will do and what he will enable us to. Do you see we are participators with got. We're partners with god. And i really think that a lotta times. People think that prayer is just kidding. God to fix all this while i just don't do anything are even just keep doing the same silly things i'm already doing. But now i'm expecting god to somehow get rid of the harvest that i'm sewing in my own life making sense and so when you pray you have to have your ears open to see what god will say to you about what the root cause of your problem might be now. Sometimes there's not anything we can do. And if that's the case then god comes in and does it all but a lotta times. Root of our problem is to the honest. just living with a lack of knowledge. We're living in what the bible calls ignorance. We're not walking in wisdom. We're we're doing things. Maybe because that's just the culture we live in and that's what everybody does and so we do that. But we have to go back to the word of god all the time back to the word of god and boys proverbs full of wisdom back to the word of god and make a commitment that we're not gonna live according to what's going on around us but we're gonna make decisions based on the leadership of the holy spirit. How many of you believe with me that if we will all be led by the spirit we're gonna have pretty peaceful lives

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