Three of My Favorite Books This Year... So Far


Hey everybody who has been awesome. So we're getting closer closer to Halloween depending when you're listening to this, which Halloween was my favorite holiday for basically my entire life. I went trick or treating until I was twenty one years old. And those who are wake with Russell weren't you WANNA admission when you were nineteen and twenty and the answer is yes and yes, I dressed up as a Mormon missionary going door to door because I already have the cost you got free candy. It was awesome. the good old days. Anyway. I'll trick or treating Halloween love everything. In fact when my kids were born I was like this is the great thing world howling was amazing before it's even more amazing now and went trick or treating every single year until about three years ago three years ago was when I bought my Batman suit if you've seen. We lost expert secrets are Philip. Prizes to give away these Batman. At ironman suits I got my own custom fitted was so cool. And I was so excited because that is going to be Batman like legit Batman and I was in front suit and I was just so excited for it and remember it was long day at the office and got home as quick as I could and just trying to give your own the kids at wrestling practice wrestling practice and come back home and I'm getting more Reagan dinner. Kept. Race. Back. Yossi. Batman student, which is, it's like an hour long project to get that suit on I'm so excited feeding the kids battery stack to the office and also doorbell rings and go the door, and it's one of Ellie's friends and friends like, Hey, l. here my yeah wh, what are you doing here? Coming to trick Ellie has like. What? I triggered truth my kids. Runs over. Oh, by data out mcnew, you canton clutch like what am I? Triggered this is my my holiday. You can take my daughter trick or treating, and it only took off their friends she was gone and The boys got calls from their friends and we're going trick or treating and they took off. And I remember I was ache I wasn't ready for. I. Don't know it's like the kids leaving home only worse. I wasn't ready for it and I remember they were all gone and it was it was Aiden Nora? Tiny. She's to at the time. And so I didn't get my Batman suit on and they go to the car and. You got your suit on everything. Put it in a car seat. My time we got in the car she passed out. She was out cold as Aden in class we drove to this neighborhood ain't got out with started trick or treating and passed out in the car, and that was like the saddest thing my wife I missed Halloween. Comes to sitting down the kids are awesome. They have friends. For, it you know what I mean like false fake you're planning your kids are going GonNa. Leave the house someday and then Austin they just leave the preparation. Anyway. So how is my favorite holiday until that year and now? Holidays Fourth of July because I spend more money fourth of July, any human, and so because of that everybody comes to me and doing that to compensate for. For Kids. Anyway. That's how I really feel. I'm just joking anyway, that's those true story. This is the fourth of July is my new favorite holiday but. I'm always with Halloween and so as how gets closer I still get excited I'm not gonNA, love the lease falling into the seasons changing and Pumpkins and candy and like just all the things. So one of our family traditions every year for Halloween go to. Albion Idaho where there's this old college campus where an early nineteen hundreds a thriving college and nineteen. Twenty or something that went out of business. So it's been vacant for like one hundred years and a couple years back these family bought it and they renovated the whole thing in turn it into one of them, the dorms interns like a bed and breakfast, and then the rest of the turned to haunted houses like there's a Zombie House Claus and he's old creepy buildings from the early nineteen hundreds and anyway it's it's insane. So we go every year this year to to our friends Rachel Peterson her husband Paul and they came with us which was really fun so anyway. On the trip down Rachel says, what are your favorite books you're right now Evanston, asked me a question about books freeze 'cause I'm like. There's so many like I'm obsessed with books I have more books than I know and I buy 'em every day tons board and read most of the books I listen to audio by the physical book too because I like having physical books in. All sorts of turmoil. I sat there like a deer in headlights thinking and and I kept thinking thinking and I realized like right now and stuff because you know it is different seasons your life there's. Always, kind of things so. Anyway, I in a season my life actually cited for. I'm preparing not really a mentally thinking about my next book. I think I told you before my next book. I bought the domain bootstrap dot com books called bootstrapped, and it's going to be the final story how he did it. Because my other books have been how to books right like how to get traffic, how to build a funnel, how to copy things like that but it's not gonna be how this is the story of it. I've been obsessed like listening to books about companies and people telling their story about how they built a company and so. I've been listening to a lot of those lately just like understand how to write that way. How to tell stories that is different is different than how I've typically done things. So for me to be able to write this book to change my skill set and this hopefully is aside lesson for everyone like lot of times when we do the thing we wanna do to like. Do. We have to learn something completely different writing. If you business before you come into our world. Oh my gosh businesses, different online they we have to change how we think of meets same way for me to write six book like I learned how to write differently. and. Understand that respect that and paying attention to him trying to learn it so. Anyway. So been listening to audio books about companies about their stories come here how people tell their stories so my three books recommend hugh today are all books about people's companies And they're good for companies number one, they're fascinating books that were to really good. Storytellers the way they tell their story was fascinating where I was like sucked into the book and I couldn't stop. In fact to these books, I've listened to twice and one. Will probably listen to again I just finished that yesterday. So that's why I hadn't listened to it twice yet. Now's referee. I don't normally read things twice because I have so many books coming into both of two of the three books have already listened to twice, which is a testament how good of a story that they actually are. So without said in no particular order, I'll give you my three. Bucks Number One book. This one I'm nervous about because. It's like the dark side of Entrepreneurship Kate. You a lot of times you hear stories about who also built a company and it's like this positive thing and there's ups and downs and trials and tribulations but for the most part, it's like the positive experience, right?

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