River Ecosystem Restoration Can Mean Just Add Water


In the eighteen hundreds many rivers in the American West were diverted for irrigation or damned for generating electricity. So rapidly, expanding cities began tapping into groundwater, add climate change into the mix, and you can see how an already arid desert can become even more parched the banks of the Santa. Cruz river in southeastern Arizona were described in eighteen fifty five as covered with poplars and willows, ashtrays, and plantations, oaks, and walnut trees. But essentially later the river was gone but the original river of to the written here ecologist Michael Bogan from the University of Arizona. Seventy years after it ran dry, the city of Tucson decided to release treated wastewater back into the riverbed around two point eight, million gallons. Each day Bogan went to participate in the festivities when the valves were opened in June twenty, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, and everybody was know around water and excited that the water back in the river and what I immediately got by wake was the number of dragonflies that I was seeing within a few hours Bogan counted seven different species of dragonflies. He even saw dragonflies and Damsel flies mating and laying eggs at a river. The had not existed earlier that day. So I was like Oh my gosh and I needed studied this. This is so cool that. are coming back so fast just three months later bogans team had documented roughly the same abundance and diversity of dragonflies that they'd seen in other parts of the river that have been flowing for years also abundant were may FIS cactus flies? These invertebrates are indicators of a healthy aquatic ecosystem. The results are published in the journal Peer J important. Out Water to go systems, the species will find a way to get back there If you just put water back into the systems that we've dried up and the longer you can put water the more water you can put in gas that's great for creating a more diverse habitat, no more greater abundance CDs but really the simple answer is is just that water and all reacted you to to restore a lot. Still, this is a manufactured ecosystem. It's not as if this artificially charged river is identical to the natural one that existed a century ago we like to call them managed ecosystems on because they are you have a lot of aspects species are coming in are on their own, but they rely on this case. Few Song some water for releasing that water without city doing that they would have nothing Bogan calls on urban planners and other city officials to collaborate with ecologists and Biologists to maximize the beneficial effects of bio-diversity while still achieving the goals of urban development.

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