People are Flocking To These Weird JOBS!


Fifteen throwback industries making a comeback this year. Why am I, sharing this with you? Well, for those of you that are thinking about that entrepreneurial venture that you've always kind kicked around your head, you don't have a whole lot of ideas maybe no winning idea yet for some of you who are looking for just a side Hustle to dip your toe in the water to see do I wanna work for myself or do I just want to make some extra money here are fifteen throwback industries making a comeback and this? Is. So. Heartwarming. This is from business insider I. Love this list. Nathan. This is so good. The first one drive in movies this has been great. Obviously cove is kind of forced this onto us, but the drive in movies are great. Especially if you're classic car guy like me and you got the convertible classic car and you got the awesome lady to watch the movie with that's fun puzzles about puzzles. Now, I personally have never been a big jigsaw puzzle guy mainly because I lose interest quickly but I've taken on many. Not, completed very many but that's fun and by the way great creative outlet for kids I laughed when I saw this one, Joe Roller Skating he you know I get some great memories from the eighties at Roller Skating rinks leave it at that but it was never good roller skater stationary now actually very much excites me. Andrea, Bell. Is the director of insights at a trend forecasting company commented on this for town and Country Magazine on the rebirth of the boom of stationary. Again, she said everyone is experiencing digital fatigue. So we are turning into tangible things. And this is very exciting to see handwritten notes. The stationary returning by the way stationary is is great not just because it's allowing you to to handwrite things which I'm just such a big believer in, but also the personal style that you can add to the personal note board games are back on a big board Game Maniac I love Board Games. The reason this is significant is because it involves community and. When we're playing board games we're looking at each other we're talking to each other were listening to each other we're laughing with each other we're competing with each other. Hopefully, we're not arguing with each other, but I will tell you many Coleman, when I was growing up with my brother he and I would compete to the death even over a board game. So there are many times while my dad had to say dudes. Chill out but great memories their role through the rest of these really quick bread baking Genn very labor intensive activity. But a lot of craftsmanship, their house plants, Arcade Games, bicycles, getting out, exercising, and feeling the fresh air inflatable pools. As a dad I have a love hate relationship with inflatable pools lots of love setting it up. Kids are excited about it, filling it up. Kids are excited. You get to watch him play the minute they're done with it. The hate comes out for the DADS right? Because then you got an empty, the stupid thing ruins, your lawn gotta dry that nasty money thing out and put it up. So there you go I get some therapy on that issue video games I I didn't understand how this made the list. I really didn't because in my world with three kids. Video Games didn't go way but I think more adult probably playing video games that I will tell you confess that I have one video game I love playing I did love playing madden, which is the football and the NBA live with my boys until they started to destroy me. At after I would get whipped every time Joe I decided I'm not interested in getting my teeth kicked in every time I play my boys. So I've gone to video game golf and so places a great and so I can zone out for about twenty five thirty minutes rarely does this happen? But every once in a while and the kids are all doing something dad likes to go up there and play eighteen holes of golf and it is very relaxing. I must say so all for that surfing. Vinyl records very exciting that vinyl records and trading cards. The last two of the fifteen things let me tell you why like that. Joe. You know this Madison. This is a word she doesn't even understand. I think Nathan gets his little mass. There's some ageism going on here. Poor Madison is that anything vintage? I'm in. I don't even have to have a personal interest in it but if you talk to me about vintage or show me something vintage, I'm very intrigued by and so the baseball trading cards. Football cards, all these sports cards coming coming back. And the vital records I've always. I've always loved the good vinyl record so. Joe, if, you're looking for that hard to get Chris President for me record player I think would be good.

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