The Latest: Kershaw, Dodgers take Game 1 over Rays


Vast fox sports radio networking glad you have chosen to spend A couple minutes with us and there is no debate. There is no debate where we begin this night, a radio the fall classic surfing the Blue Wave Cowabunga Dod's the Fall Classic, starting in a neutral site. Kind of on Tuesday night with Joe Buck every night, you get ajob of game and John Smalls calling the game on Fox. Did you watch? Maybe not will see that I don't imagine the ratings will be very good for this Thegame was lopsided in there's one team that has a fan base and another one that doesn't a national fan base for the Dodgers. Put on a pyrotechnics show. It was like the Fourth of July. Boom Bang Bam! The Dodger offense When Cody Bellenger Mookie Betts hit homeruns Clayton Kershaw mowing down Tampa haters like it was an April started Dodger Stadium on by the time The damage he'd done. Ella ended up spit roasting the raise 8 to 3 and Game one of the 2020 World Series for the Dodgers Get a leg up on the best of seven series now three wings away. From their first championship as a franchise since 1988 When Ronald Reagan was the president, Tommy Lasorda was waddling in the dugout and Kurt Gibson got wanted bat and hit a home run and is at all time legend because of that, as a Dodger, So let us discuss the question. What are your big takeaways? From Game one of the World Series, a domination situation for the Dodgers. So I've got the white whale hand grenades and Smurfs and we will tie all these things together. Now we talk about the World Series. Game one. You start with us. Accounts on Lee is just one game. It doesn't matter that much in the big picture. It's only one game. However. I'm going to disagree with that statement because the feeling that one gets watching Game one of the World Series from the Dodgers side of things. It's like hitting a two team parlay. It doesn't seem like a one win situation. Night, so don't undersell the importance of a game one win for Los Angeles and I'll tell you why. Because the Dodgers winning a Clayton Kershaw playoffs start As easy as a B C. 123. Is not something that happens very often, right. You feel like you dodged a bullet when you win a Kershaw game in the playoffs in a big play off game, Kershaw has been the dog with fleas in the postseason. And while many of my colleagues on television like to downplay Clayton Kershaw's missteps on radio, we don't do that We don't his World Series resume coming in. I would have him in the bread line. If that was his resume. What into an E? R. A of over five he had pitched in 26 2 3rd innings given up 16 earned runs. Over four starts in five games. But on this night, it reminded and voice in my head. It was Dick Stockton, who told me years ago stats tell you what has happened. They don't tell you what's going to happen. And that was a vintage regular season type of Kershaw performance. And you see that in a big play off game as often as you see a white whale swimming around the ocean, right? Clayton Kershaw got 38 swings. 19. Mrs. He had a whiff rate of 50%. Now the stat geeks tell us that that is the highest Of Clayton Kershaw's career, whether it be the postseason or the regular season that half the time it was S O matter, Miss. That is what's known as flexing your muscles, and it wasn't just Kershaw. Cody Bellenger, Mookie Betts. Max Muncy all had big days. The conga line kept moving. You keep pressure on your opponent 10 hits, they got seven walks. The Dodgers drew seven walks and, more importantly than that. They actually hit when they had runners in scoring position. They batted 3 57 on this day with runners in scoring position. They were five out of 14 follow the ways and is a key. You follow the wisdom often, American legend Will Rogers You never get a second chance to make a first impression. The Dodgers they made their first impression. Now you've got to back that up. You have backed that up in Game two in Game three, but you only played one game and the Dodgers the more talented team they didn't play down to their competition. They played like they were the superior opponent in this matchup. We certainly hope that continues were slightly biased on this now. Part B. If you would like to knit pick That's one of these. We get paid to do hear on the radio. Always to pick apart things in micro analyze. Dave Roberts fell back into some old analytical principles. We were hoping that his gut feeling managerial move. The other night would continue. It did not in this game, managing Clayton Kershaw. For Dave Roberts is like juggling hand grenades. One wrong move one wrong move and your head gets blown off. And I understand partially what Roberts is thinking. Because when I'm watching Clayton Kershaw, I'm thinking, OK, Here's where it all falls apart goes to hell right here, right. This is going to be the inning. It all goes to crap. In a playoff situation. But on this night Kershaw he was dealing He'd only thrown 78 pitches. Through six innings. And ah, very effective there. The Rays hitters were completely flummoxed against Kershaw as we gave you some of the numbers there of 50% with weight, and despite the Dodgers having a huge advantage there up eight tow one. They, Roberts Arbitrarily said. That's it. We're going to take you out of the game. I'd rather take you out of half inning. Too early, then a half inning too late. So that brought in Dillon Florio, who wasn't good and then and then Roberts panic because the Rays attempted the pin shit G may enjoy And so Roberts ran out of the dog and I got to make a change. I

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