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Deadline has come and gone in Washington, the one declared by Speaker Pelosi for a deal on the Corona virus Economic relief bill. But now we know that both sides have agreed to keep on talking and keep on trying to find a compromise a bipartisan compromise on how to stimulate our economy amid a pandemic. CBS is Nancy Chen reporting the Republican leader in the Senate is telling the White House Don't back a deal with Pelosi prior to the election put up to sea. What Itwas first CBS News has learned that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned the White House against going along with a large spending bill. What the Republican leader is offering this week is a stunt. The Senate will vote on a $500 billion bill later today. Nancy Chin CBS NEWS Capitol Hill, a new piece of legislation on Beacon Hill, aims to help 17 1000 people who just missed qualifying for the federal Lost Wages Assistance Program. For the month of August and early September. Everyone getting at least $100 from the state was eligible to get an extra 300 from the feds. This bill would retroactively raised the minimum that Massachusetts gives off for that time period to 100. That would give people who didn't quite qualify. Just that little extra push. They need to get that extra money that they need. What's happening on the campaign trail. Baby sees Karen Travers covering for US in Washington President Trump Rally supporters tonight in North Carolina as he continues his battleground state blitz ahead of Thursday's presidential debate. The visit comes as a new poll from ABC News in The Washington Post shows a dead heat in North Carolina. Joe Biden at 49% President Trump 48% among likely voters. Biden is off the trail, but his running mate, Kamala Harris, travels to North Carolina for a Siri's of campaign events. Karen Travers. ABC NEWS Washington It's 12 33 coming up. The Department of Justice reaches a settlement with opioid maker Purdue Pharma that is coming up in two minutes. Right

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