Learning with our Kids through Digital Play with OK Play App Co-founders Chris Ovitz and Dr. Colleen Russo Johnson



Hi I'm probably next high embraced. The I'd were sisters, Fred Solders, wives, and business. And we're just falling three. We know. To be a better version of herself every day. All right and we're also. Welcomes. Sisterhood. Hi Emma what's up everybody? How are you? Do everybody I'm great. How are you? Yourself. Do I wanNA, introduce myself. Yes I do. Hi everybody. My name is Lena. I, am Bruce's sister. And I am a mom of three girls nine, six and three year old right now, and we're just trying to survive. who at you on the other side of the Mike. I am also your sister Duh. I am but he Lopez mother of two of a three month old and a fighter old little boy and my little girl who was just born three months ago. Just trying to be me being you know the best near can be embracing be. Husband. I had to have a high note shuttle the has. To the husband's Yeah I mean, we're just assist in women trying to be better rational results every day. If you're new to the show. Welcome to the Super Sisterhood, and if you are og longtime listener Sept- ladies, we love you. Also. Don't forget to follow us on our Social Media Instagram and twitter at underscore. So but Romance Facebook, Super Roma's podcasts, and on the Web Superman dot com, you can check out or previous episodes newsletter subscription newsletter all the articles that we have just check it out to romance dot COM If you WANNA, send us a note you can do it by sending us an email at hello at superman dot com or you can call us at four to four, three, two, six, three, seven, seven. End At the end of the show, we have our favorite favorite segment, the pick or tip of the week. So stay tuned for that. And my favorite segment mind theory subject to subject segment not subject my second subject to subject to name to. who do we have on the show this week? Today on the show this week we have two great very smart in a in a high achievers I would say On the today we have Chris over to is a president of the company called. Okay play. It's an APP that I started using that will come very much in handy these days of virtual learning. So again, we have Chris Hogan, who was President a dad on for your boy and Dr Colleen, Russo Johnson. PhD, and she is a chief scientists and Mama up two toddlers for for the okay company in the okay play APP, which is a little bit about Chris who is again the CO founder and President He is just a serial entrepreneur I mean like his bio I can go on and on and on. Angel investor he's invested in companies like beyond me and block renovation. When he is a member of terrorists next establishment list and graduated from Ucla with the history by just like a serial entrepreneur and Dr Combing Russo she is again hundred scientists in she is a de mental psychologist with expertise in children's media and technology who serves as an adjunct professor at Ryerson University in codger rector of Ryerson's children medialab She is a senior scholar for silly center for scholars and storytellers and the CO author bestselling Children's Book Dino Dana Dana Field Guide again she is like the. Best person to talk about what's happening right now with virtual learning and what did we talk about Alina? Love. This episode I love the APP. I think it will. It's first of all they launched this. This APP during the during a pandemic, which is in of itself. Amazing we talk about emotional learning. We talk also about how to choose right even a good app for your kids and what makes this APP different which is again, the emotion social emotional learning and. How these actually involves the parent lonely the children and how it translates from the APP in the device to outdoor play to more than play and I, love how they came up with the name any. To play with the kids. So we talk about that. We talk about perspective of screen time. What's good what's not good you know what what to do right now with the kids and how this APP has helped our families as well in many other families. So I'm excited for for this episode end for the APP. Awesome. So but before we get into that base, yeah, what's up with you? What's going on what's up with me? You know. With me like every day seems to be the same thing. I'm just trying to gain for routine with were in. You know just having a Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday schedule Northern, I actually took up a new wouldn't say my. was is that a hobby is. Added something we were routine which I really like he's in writing letters to his friends. Then he would aches and we're going to the post office like every other day I try not to do it every day, but he wants to go every day. here's a couple of letters and heap envelope and puts his postage stamp, and then just you know we go to the office in everything. That's pretty cool. That's kind of like the new thing we're doing here I bought him some stationary. We should be coming next week, which I'm so excited Abou-, he has going to have his own stationary. And the customized initials yes. It has his name I got I couldn't decide I couldn't decide on witch on which science. So I got him to design. I'm very site for people to receive a customer stationary and the baby. She's she's just living her best cuter every day Chubbier every day or she's those beautiful three months old like chummy legs and Chevy she eats them. As she started to mile a lot more and talk a lot more and. She's being like the Pistons such a great baby you know I can't really complain about her. She's awesome. Obviously still not sleep through the night actually migrated her bedroom I don't know if I share that already. Oh. Yes. She's been living. She's living in her bedroom for the past two weeks already. Like I actually moved into her bedroom before to turn three months. And she's been doing well, she's only waking up once usually runs for now. I, mean I'm just hoping that like continues

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