Bitcoin Dominance Is Back


Ten rotten now bitcoin up. Will we close above twelve thousand eight minutes suggests that possibly not as we are at eleven thousand, nine hundred. and Seventeen dollars. That's right. We did tap at twelve thousand and there is some resistance at twelve thousand had way basically pulled back from that twelve thousand mark. Bicycling high of nearly twelve, thousand, sixty, three pulled back. It's a NAS looking Candida this trend looks superb I love another day to push up through twelve thousand and ready set sail full summa. They got look at the end of the day. We could pull back from here. This resistance I wouldn't be surprised to see a pullback from He. Also being pretty much smoked Ratna bitcoins dominance has increased significantly. One of the big bitcoin dominance moves that I've seen in a long time up one point five percent. Now, that's significant because he actually look at this shot, there's not very many big moves in there as a matter of fact, the shot that I'm looking at here, the biggest move is three percent and that was back twenty seven. Th of July we've got high allies building up into that level Bruce Resistance broken Bam a good push Now's ahead of this. You're ahead of this if you've been listening and following and that's why. Ninety percent of my portfolio is in Bitcoin I I've been watching this setting myself up like this and on pretty happy right now, sixty one point six full percent although market cap is in bitcoins hands too. So you are aware and it's gaining momentum onto a theory will down eleven two point eight percent sitting at three sixty, eight, nine, three, we gotta get up through that three ninety, five region go push up three or four hundred. A two-point upset down mix up paid at one percent rotten out twenty four point three cents nothing for me to be trading. It's pretty ugly bitcoin cash to two hundred and forty dollars. Ninety five cents. It's down three point six, six percent rotten now and dom. Yeah. That trend look. It's something quite as national the daily anymore it was it was looking superb until well. It wasn't last night. Lot Clinton's at forty, six dollars ninety cents down two point three, three percent wrought now, and the dying shot just doesn't look very active. We need to be above fifty dollars for lot couldn't have any chance of momentum continuing on through in when need to get about fifty to really fifty, one, fifty, fifty, two dollars when they're all off because we're at forty, six ninety. V again, flat nothing ready to speak of at one fifty seven, twenty nonsense. It's down one point six, nine percent. It's an ugly looking job. Let's be strike. The trend that was looking very nice there on Donna just yesterday has now gone ahead and said, no, I'm not Nice I. Am the Ugly Duckling Down five point eight percent on. Todd Donna. It really just filed push through it above ten cents still ten point two cents will uphold. We'll have to wait and see. Bonnet was also three point seven, nine percent minutes shine as I got stopped at and that's my third stop-loss. Sorry. My third losing trade in a right this is the two weeks and it's something to consider. Losing a Austin have three losing trades in Iraq. Especially when I'm so selective as have been recently I'm going to go to improperly reduced risk a little bit as the market you know the tribes have been really good but the market has an helps out and we send gone through a transitional period of feels very much like two thousand, seventeen old touch on the minute twenty, nine, hundred, seventy, nine cents on bonnet down three point seven, nine percent sideways it is down to die but the market itself. Saw Wise toodle fifty two in the biggest move on the top ten it's a red one. It's down nine point nine percents link yet it filed ten dollars. We are nine dollars and eighty three cents. So what does this look like to me? What am I doing with this well? I. Position Myself already to be more in bitcoin anything else I was at one stage heavily in Alz on well from that and then I moved back to bitcoin not too long guy I can share that with you on this podcast.

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