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Weeks away. But nearly 38 million voters have already cast their ballots. That includes roughly 1.5 million voters in Virginia, where incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Warner is facing off against Republican challenger Daniel Gate. In a state that's become increasingly blew some of called Gates Campaign a longshot recent polling shows Warner up by almost 16 point. We've had Senator Warner on the show twice this year, but we haven't heard from his opponent yet. And that changes today. Daniel Gate. Welcome to one, eh? It's a pleasure to be on Earth. You thank you so much. And we should note that Daniel was also a professor at American University, which holds the license for our parent station. W AM. You So you're a military veteran and a disability rights activists running for office for the first time. What made you decide to run? Well, you're right. I'm a military veteran. I spent 25 years in the U. S Army and was wounded in combat twice decorated for valor, gave a leg in combat my hip level amputee and then later went on to get a PhD and a master's degree in public policy working in both the Bush and the Trump administration, so I'm a public policy expert, and I consider this race an extension of my military service, in the sense that I've been under oath to the Constitution my whole life, and this is just more service as someone with a little experience in politics. You've been running in part on the idea that you're Ah Washington. Outsider. Why do you see that as an advantage? Well, it's an advantage because you know, I think Virginians are sick of and nationally you see people sick of career politicians who have done little to solve our problems. I'll give you a couple of examples. When Mark Warner took office in 2008, he pledged 2009. He was elected Noh eight, but he pledged to be a budget hawk and back Then the deficit was $12 trillion, and now it's something like $27 Trillion or the debt rather And on issue after issue. There's a history of broken promises here, and even the Washington Post's no friend of Republicans said that he had quote muddled through his time in the Senate with few signature accomplishments. That's from spring of 2019 so This is who the career politicians are, and people are sick of it. They want career servants, and I'm a career servant of the Constitution. And that's the fundamental difference between us. But Republicans have held a majority in the Senate for some time. So how much of that? Can you lay? At Senator Warren Warner's feet. Will remember at the beginning of his time in the Senate. Back in 09, 10 and 11. The Democrats had a super majority in the Senate, not just a majority, but a super majority and and the White House and for the bulk of his time in the Senate, the White House and the Senate have been Held by Democrats, So it's not. It's true that there has been some fiscal indiscipline by Republicans as well. And I'm not in favor of that, either. What? Explain a little bit one example. What approach which you take to fiscal responsibility if elected. Oh, sure, one thing we need and I know a lot of people talk about this, and then they get to Washington. See and forget about it. D C has proven that we need about balanced Budget amendment and it can have an escape hatch for emergencies with, you know, some kind of three quarters majority in both houses to override for a period of time and You can write it so that it's not a suicide pact. But we absolutely must have that. And that means we need to weigh need to take seriously our obligation to our future generations. And that's something that I care deeply about. Do you think there's a political will for that kind of move? No, there's not on Capitol Hill. Of course, there's not, And the reason there's not is because they all are feeding at the same trough, Republicans and Democrats alike. But there's absolutely political will for it on Main Street, and it's a very populist thing, people. That's what people want. People want Washington to spend within its means, just like every state has to and just like every family has to. So if this is not rocket science, so if you're critiquing both Democrats and Republicans for this issue, how would you shift that dynamic if you're elected? Well, The first thing is that we need to elect Republicans who have a spine and we need Teo and we need to work. Of course we need to work cross, but we also need to tie into our core principles and his Republicans. Far too often, We've abandoned our core principles in favor of short term gain. And so that's you know, that's a broad based critique of my party and of end of, frankly, the other party as well. There hasn't been a Republican elected to statewide office in Virginia for more than 10 years, and some of called your Senate run a serious long shot. What makes you think Virginia could shift red again? Well, a couple of things one is you know, in the last quarter, I actually outraised Mark Warner, which was fantastic. And and what we're seeing at the doors on our phone calls and in our polling is that when independence here about me And my bio just my history of service to the country and my qualifications for the office. The fact that I have a PhD in policy they're coming over 2 to 12 to one and part of that is Mark Warner's failures on you Know, he voted against Cove it really for Virginia families. He voted he put in a budget that defunded the police by $50 million in 2002 as governor. And when people discovered that kind of thing, they're like, Wait a second, he says. He's moderate. But in actuality he's not. And so that kind of betrayal is really digging in and people are sick and tired of it. Well as we speak. There's a debate in Congress

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