A highlight from 190 Ep.1 - Facts Not Fear - Covid-19 and Beyond


This is going to be a very special broadcaster because of what is going on in our society. What's going on locally. Globally with coated with all the disinformation that we're getting all of the fake news. There's an and also the brainwashing which is going on which to me feels like communism and the big business. The bankers have been getting have had control for so many years and we the people need to wake up and we need to change this our society. I know i'm feeling it Very intensely is we're losing our freedom and that's not what our country is based on. We we i mean it's multi cultural and we need to keep in sustain our health and our freedom and not being in fear and my wonderful guest which jolie diane has been on my shows about five times over the years. She is a researcher Her main purpose impassioned focus is public health and safety and an laws around all this. There's much more. But i'm just compiling it. So welcome jolie. Here we are so you have a plethora of and this show is facts not ear. Thank you so much sheriff's great to be here. Well okay well she. We start with the code situation. Absolutely i mean because that is right now the peak of what's going on in our you know with all the businesses that have closed down. You know the masks in you know the whole thing is just a totally not healthy. absolutely I really appreciate the opportunity to discuss. Because i think that you know like pointed to earlier the loss of liberties the closing of businesses the weaponized restrictions that our government public Servants are weaponising against the people. This all has to be challenged and corrected. And so i'm very interested in this topic and especially facts not fear. We'll be able to discuss a lot of the specifics of this and people will be able to go to the source links to learn more about it. 'cause will only be able to touch on on the surface of this but yeah the covert situation Has really overtaken the entire planet and our job to fight for our liberties and preserve our liberties not only for ourselves but for future generations and not only for our own country but the world is suffering under this plague of corruption. In if you will. Judy michael witt says And so i just wanna get into a little bit how this happened and then how to fix it. What the solution is which you

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