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Our next report at 1 41 on 10 10. What now? The Tintin win. Zach you whether eggs urge in four day forecast. Here's meteorologist carry Swindon Hammer. It's going to be windy and cold this afternoon clouds breaking a times foursome sunshine will get so high of 46 degrees with the window actually the real field temperatures just in the thirties. Briskin Cold Tonight will drop to 28 in the Jersey and Hudson Valley suburbs 36 for low in Midtown Not as windy nor is cold tomorrow with lots of sunshine, the high 51 that a damp start to the weekend as rain arrives likely in the afternoon or at night Friday. The high near 50 and the rain could be heavy at times on Saturday, making for a chilly day. The high 49 degrees It's 41. Mostly cloudy in Central Park, humidity, 60% and the Wind West. Gusting to 35 41 headed up to 46 in midtown on AccuWeather meteorologist carry Schwenn did hammer on New York's weather station 10 10 wit. It's news time at 1 33 as the button transition continues. President elect Joe Budden, telling The New York Times that he will not immediately lift tariffs place by President Trump on many imports from China

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