Families reach out for help from Houston Food Bank for the first time ever during 2020 coronavirus pandemic


But lots of people out of work because of the pandemic the houston food bank says more families in ever asking for help. Katie watkins says a food bank is now giving out about eight hundred thousand pounds of food on a daily basis. The houston food bank says it gave out nearly twenty one million pounds of food during the month of october. That's up from about fourteen million pounds during october of last year ceo. Brian greene says daily. Demand has gone down since the pandemic. I hit march but it still remains higher than anything. They've experienced before including during hurricane harvey or impacting directly about fifteen percent of households and that impact tending the have for most of those households fairly short timeframe of very strong eight williams a smaller number. That had very long term impacts so the sustainability of guests problem has been also straightened. Green says state and federal programs have helped supply food but he worries what will happen in twenty twenty one after those programs are slated end.

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