To the Steelers. So This. This one seems a little


Steelers and I think the number Andrew Brandt sent this out. Today. The number for the Ravens ended a to least for this round at 25. He asked a really interesting question. If you're not going to postpone a game Ah or move a game or cancel game or whatever, bring that 18th we can do Into action for a team that had 25 covert tests or team that didn't have a quarterback. What would it take for the NFL to do this? It would seem to me like they're just gonna tank on through this thing. Well, they're they're they're line is about, you know, stopping the spread. But you got clear spread. I mean, there were a couple of players you know, least a staff member that tested they get two more positives yesterday. So there you know what they did to the Denver Broncos. They're saying it's not going to be about competitive competitive disadvantage. It's going to be about stopping the spread of the virus. So that's different there, But in here It's both. I mean, Baltimore has to play the game without Their quarterback, two running backs Willie Snead and Mark Andrews. Match. Skaara, Another player is not gonna be other play McCurry, an offensive lineman, Colas Campbell, Matthew Judah on Pernell McPhee. So I mean, just look at it. I mean, there's some of their best players. They thought they were going to get Ingram and Dobbins back, but they didn't fly. They didn't make the trip. And then you know, Baltimore is also our Pittsburgh is also gonna be without James Connor. And their center tested. At least he's not making the trip. I don't know why it could be, you know, proximity. It could be a lot of things there as far as that, but marquees Pouncey Eyes not gonna play. So these having and we'll see the uniforms. It'll be the Baltimore Ravens against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but this is not indicative of either team.

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