Chris Cuomo. They're all tearing up and they're angry.


Unleashing a barrage of false claims of fraud and corruption, Tensions do remain high. As President. Trump repeats false claims that he won the presidential election. He's again claimed without any real evidence, with zero evidence to back up his claim that there is massive voter fraud going on the president of the United States, essentially alleging that there is a conspiracy to steal and rig the election so that he loses again. There's no evidence to back up that claim the president falsely suggesting Republican observers were not present at vote counting centers, a statement that was baseless and what Is not backed up by evidence on substantiated and false evidence of widespread voter fraud that unfounded allegations of voter fraud. Fastly thinks normal routine ballot counting is somehow rigged against the charge of electoral 50 comes without evidence and saying without evidence that Democrats are trying to take victory away from him, some repeating his unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud without providing evidence escalating his unsubstantiated. Claims it was stolen from him without presenting any evidence of widespread for, OK, you get the gist. I mean, it goes on for like another seven minutes. Montage. What we do. Thanks for tuning in to the Rush Limbaugh show by the way, so That's the question you should We need to ask. I mean, the Democrats. The Democrat Party and the news media. And I know that they're very passionate about it. Because every time I tuned to CNN Either Van Jones or Let the lemon Don lemon or who's the idiot? The idiot brother? Chris Chris Cuomo. They're all tearing up and they're angry. You know they're passionate. Every woman should be listened to hashtag hashtag hashtag hashtag. Every woman should be believed every person should be believed every person should have a vote.

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