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Welcome to film spotting Josh we grew up in the eighties we were blessed with a lot of things including the Golden Age of the high-concept movie but I know there are some people listening who are wondering what this phrase really means. We will certainly defined in more detail as we get into our top five here in a little bit but our producer, Sam has a good thought. If the premise of your movie is right there in the title. That's pretty much dead giveaway that it's a high concept movie snakes on a plane there. You know maybe the platonic ideal of high-concept movie, right? That's it right there. If all you gotta do is tell someone the title and they understand everything the movie is about it's probably using a high concept. Yes. Snakes on a plane maybe at times scary in its own way, not exactly a horror movie a longtime listener on twitter Charles Canzoneri was following a similar line of thinking he said invasion of the body snatchers night of the living dead. The. Those titles kind of say it all too. Don't they Josh Yeah. We'll. We'll kind of get into exactly the way you and I at least defined this, but you could make an argument for those for sure we will get to our picks here in a moment but first we did want to spend a couple of minutes on the movie that inspired the list Justin. Simians new bad hair. So yeah the bad hair of the title here is A. Bloodthirsty, we've that the star, the movie L. Lorraine's Anna She unwittingly submits to as part of plot her attempts really to get ahead at this black entertainment network sort of an MTV style network she works at this is set in nineteen, eighty nine we should say so she's been there awhile she's been overworked underpaid largely ignored and and sees a new look as perhaps a way forward. Now, Simeon directed two thousand fourteen dear white people and he created the TV spinoff to he takes the college set racial identity satire of that earlier film and amps it up here Yes. There are some really gnarly murders to this definitely counts as a horror film. He layers in some observations about assimilation and authenticity in that era late eighties, early nineties. Let's clip. Anna. Does your hair. No. We. Aren't you tired of it. All the stairs you get walk into the army lobby everyone wondering why you're here. If you went to any other floor in the tower for job interview. You wouldn't get past reception. And you know that. Sisters get fired lesson every day. have. Music people have certain expectations and my girls need to flow freely. Wonder. You want to be one of my girls. Yes. that. Is L. Lorraine's Anna with Vanessa Williams as her CEO. Zora Josh you did like Dear White People Justin Simians debut film as you mentioned in fact, nominated for a golden brick here on film spotting back in two thousand fourteen. What did you think of that? Hair I kinda loved it actually Really Yeah it's it's pretty insane and you know not a perfect film by any means in some in some ways an experiment in genre for Simeone, you can tell feeling his way and having some fun with the horror comedy elements here, but you know what? I really wished. Adam. Is that I. I mean obviously nowadays, we wish we can see anything with a full theater, but this thing really would have benefited from a very loud a very lively audience preferably like maybe around midnight something like that I think then you could get into the vibe of the film a bit more easily than say just you know watching it on Hulu at home but I still had fun with it. I think what Simeon does in terms of some of the extreme camera angles and the slow zooms there. That are a little insidious There's a great scene where Anna is at the salon getting. About to get the we've and she's kind of walking through this hallway of hair samples that is probably going to haunt my dreams. I think not only the way it's filmed but remember that old seinfeld bid about like when you find hair and things something about like if it's on our heads everyone, you know it's completely normal everyone loves it. But the minute it's removed from your head everyone freaks out that seeing like totally captured that for me So yeah, I think this works as horror I think the main performance here's pretty strong by lorraine and I think there's a lot of fun comic performances going. On along the edges here from people like Jay Ferrell Lean Awaith James Vanderbeek of all people who really doing a Don Johnson Miami Vice era performance I think the setting the eighty nine setting added a lot for me. Just kind of remembering that I don't know if it's like Yo MTV raps I'm sure there's a different countdown show around then the capture, the vibe of that really. Well, I think here even give us a music video and original music video with Kelly Rowland playing this. Pop Star. Hip, hop star who's kind of a mixture I don't know tell me what you think I was getting like. Janet. Jackson slash. Paula Abdul feel from that music video. So that was fun. There's a lot of fun stuff here. Yeah.

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