Transformative Fasting From a Female Bodybuilder with Rosie Main


Walk of fasting. Transformation summit were uncovering the most ancient inexpensive and powerful healing strategy known to mankind. Fasting on your host. Dr david shockers and today. I'm gonna talk to a good friend of mine. Who happens to be credible doctor and an athlete who is used. Fasting help upper overcome chronic health conditions. And be able to perform at optimal athlete and a doctor. And so the title of this transformative fasting bodybuilder. My friend is dr rosie main and dr rosiest passion vision to educate her community on a new level of thinking towards health and inspire people. Start making healthy lifestyle choices as done so for almost twenty years. She currently sees patients in our clinic. Main health solutions in meridian idaho. Helping families live to their full potential. She's a team. Chiropractor for usa wrestling and has been traveling internationally with the team. Since two thousand nine help from achieve peak performance and was usa wrestling team doctor at the two thousand twelve london olympics. Was the team. Chiropractor for usa wrestling in the two thousand sixteen olympics in rio de janeiro brazil. She also does. She also helps people with a weekly radio show and podcast. She doesn't both english and spanish inspires people on house. Transforming information all around the world is a co author christian living magazine and a chiropractor for a Idaho and the most notable characteristic. That's really what i know. Dr rosie's door is just this incredible heart passion for helping people. She happens to be a mother of twin boys. I have twin boys in common as well. And she has a heart to see families live to their potential through natural health. Care rosie. Thanks so much for joining us with the fast transformation summit. I am so happy. Be here david. I actually have just have passion for this topic and so when you invited me it was one of those has been on my heart. Been actively doing this war you know over a year now and i just said these moments are just right for the right time. Yeah absolutely. I think we were talking about it Background lead up to utah. I believe we had a conversation about it or you posted. Something on on social media can't remember but i was like rosie o. Would be such a good gas for the summit. And i remember we talked a little bit a while back about you know really what you struggled with krones right years ago and and start fast food through that i'd love for you to share that with our audience. Yes that's actually One of the biggest things that brought me to what i do now natural health through our practice. That guy was a bodybuilder back in two thousand and goin' shoes will You know my Competing time was at its peak at that time and then about six months into a show. That was preparing for. I began to lose extreme weight last twenty pounds at two thirty pounds in about two or three weeks and they couldn't understand what was going on other than just going to the bathroom. Continuously and so Stress at the time. I think to you chop off the emotional staff. The physical just go on to began medical school so long story short short. I got to the point where i went to. The hospital may down the segment mic. Hold on that was completely raw. Wanted to do surgery. My doctors told me that was the only option. And luckily my dad went to compete me out from san antonio to be back home. South texas was gonna take me to a doctor to their mexico and my cousin came to talk As to tack to my chiropractor. I work for it. I have no idea that you know. Chiropractic candidates need to do with a health of the back pain as fortunately once talking to him and after spending the summer there. Things changed for me that i had up coin to practice squad with leads me what i do today. So i'm very thankful for the circumstances. Sometimes we have to go through because of that. That started mine journey through health and i do a lot of still things to help. Heal my gut With even fasting bone broth fasting. Those kind of things for my god but you know you're a david recently. My struggle personally with my story has been my insulin and glucose at the tippety some. My mom actually lost her health. Diabetes mass sister last yet. Forty-seven also died from diabetes. So i have always had to struggle watching my family's with that just issues with health and again the circumstances that you walk through for a purpose and i have no doubt whatsoever that you know this has happened to me. Have really sensitive to glucose in more so through

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