The Real Election - #622


I'm i'm brian a writer for inside day. Far most popular channel by far. I'm i were you. Were you trying to promote a little bit of is there no. I had to cough. I inhaled some spit and my new cough button right that i played to my coffee. I don't wanna to the mall in an attempt to be quiet. You made noise exactly and way intrusive noise and coughing. Probably i've got. I've got a mini. One gus so that both have the same size. The mass. The one. I have is fucking massive. It's huge almost keyboard over there too. Big welcome brian. Your first time on the podcast. Like you said a writer. You work over on inside gaming stuff happy. You could join us. I can't believe we never had you on before it was like right before. I slacked you to be on the podcast. Was it a weaker to go. Whenever it was eric was like. Hey brian on the podcast. That's a great idea. Why have i never thought of that before. An eric replied. I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not. Well i've been at the company for four years so maybe some news and now you're like this kids ready for the big time by kid. I mean a forty four year old a fulfil old person. That's right Before we filed gavin hanging out with his old dudes this child. Too far into the podcast. I do want to remind everyone extra life. Is this weekend. Well actually it's going on right now are stream or stream. It's going to be this weekend on the fourteenth. But you can. You can donate money now are merch is up there If i chose poster. John is the best. One is a desk orange. I got i got this i got. I got the data. I got the daytime one. Oh was this some suicide squad really cool looking the payback glow in the dark one subspecialize people going on about battle limited supply. Run one That they'll only be a certain number of them so if you really want the glow that are you gotta be fast. I guess that's why jack in our achievement hunter slack was like less. No if you want any posters or shirts anything except the glow in the dark. And i was like really cool mugs. You got a mug right here. So it's extra little something on the other side it's the moonball and a moonball. Yeah why would you seeing a little something. You're actually describe before the audio audience. You sounded like you didn't know what moonball i know. What a fucking out. I've been hitting the nuts with a moonball. How would i not know what a moonball and just saying. You sounded like it. The shirt and also. There's a a hoodie as well. What is a moonville is a movable it's like a poly. He drill ball college. I went to college for a year. Nice then i decided to hell with that. Way gavin degree. You don't have a degree time now. Staving brian do you have a degree. Yeah in journalism so not really but yeah. We wasted years of our live meter bryan. Should at least you're you're in that field. Actually using our degrees i agree. Yeah all right about the news. Yeah i mean mostly it's from other sites but yeah you can is communication every day but i have no degree in it. I'm just a really a really big fan of communicating over communicating. Really possible Shit oh yes. It was a weird time. When i was in school like the internet was really taking off. I dropped out in ninety seven so the internet right. I was like. I can either finish getting my degree and be done in the year. Two thousand or can drop out now and try to do something on the internet while it's still like kind of the wild west so i decided to drop out and try to pursue on the internet because i felt like at the time the real estate like he was going away quickly like yet to jump in early. Otherwise you weren't gonna have you know as much you're gonna lose a headstart. So what did you get done between the dropping out and the star of recently worked at a call center then worked. I t but like boring stuff d. Made three different websites for different websites. That we're all either extremely unpopular or just mildly unpopular. We made this one. I was being like the people there. But i completely abandoned it because we we've got like three thousand people who who read this is like it's not bad. I was the same way like days of the internet but instead of like starting a highly successful company i just became a frequent use nut. Poster on all dot binary stop pictures dot erotica but not very lucrative not a lot of money and there were. There was a lot of porn. It must've been an interesting time to stop the internet. Because i feel like if i was there for that time i'd be like does so much buddy to be made here. How like the we're supposed to be doing. Yes yes you could you could. You could tell your on the beginning of something big but you could also tell that you are too stupid to do about it at all and like i. I knew a lot of hackers and it seemed like the wild west. They just break into things and like old. People didn't know how to deal with the internet yet. It was great. Yeah that's why that's honestly. That's why i moved to austin. And i was like i know there's money to be made here to find other people who know how to actually make the money so we can figure this out and i need to say me to this. I'm not going to figure this out on my own. I need to find a couple of other people and hopefully together collectively we can. We can put our brains together and figure something out just about you. Walking into like an internet cafe down. Just be like what's everyone you say that. When i first moved to austin i would frequently go to austin books and comics trying to find other like

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