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I'm glad that they continue to play Will. We've been making a lot of big, big place since I came in to stay together, continue and continue to do that. We continue with the rest of this year and then hopefully okay in bounds out of bounds. Will fuller is a legit number one receiver. I'm going to say out of bounds. I think he's really good. Um, he could be one a maybe. But he's having a career year this year because the options aren't are there right now. Targets have never been. He's never Actually, it's rookie year He had a ton of targets and targeted 92 times. However, percentage is really, really low 51% low, So as he was, he was one trick ponies deep bowled out so if he continues to evolve into becoming a better More consistent route runner. Then I would say yes, but I'm not quite there yet. I want to say out about I'm going to stay out of bounds as well. Ah, like will Fuller. He's got most of that 433 speed that he took out of Notre Dame with him into the NFL. He's had a lot of, you know, soft tissue, lower extremity issues, which obviously problematic, which has played some of his production.

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