New York City to begin counting mail-in ballots today with several races at stake


Here in its New York intense City is set wind to begin and counting rain and more flooding than half to a Boynton million Beach, mail in Florida ballots that'll Tropical start today, Storm votes warnings that could are up in Miami, Really Fort not Myers, affect the presidential Fort Lauderdale, race in West any way, Palm but it and could swing Naples. some Here's local National races in Weather the state Assembly Service as forecast well. The deadline for David for the states Roth, local who board says of Elections the storm received could these strengthen absentee over ballots the Gulf is expected is tomorrow, to meet so they're going to get In the a proximity head start on that of today. the keys ISA Friday. through The number Monday of melon morning. votes received by each It's borough, gonna drift for example, westward, was 200,000 Um in Manhattan about 160,000, Tuesday, queens, but it's never just going over to get 100,000 terribly in far Brooklyn, away about from 52,000 Florida. Bronson. For now. Storm Just over 31,000, surge warnings were still up Staten in Island. the keys, Now the total where they is about are bracing half the for 1.1 a foot of rain. million Miami absentee Dade ballots where requested ADA could spawn by residents. tornadoes Local has races. closed. Schools, Still bridges, not called. air lock You include down. the one in ADA killed at least Staten 38 Island, Brooklyn, people with the call in Malia Honduras, Takis and where Max some 1.8 Rose. Even though million Malia people Takis nationwide has about a 15% are affected point by advantage. the storm. Rose still Ah, has not veteran conceded Mt. these A additional worker numbers has been found should dead tell the on story. the job. 55 I'm Glenn

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