How to Start a Customer Support Team


To begin. When should you start building your customer support team. Well in my opinion if you're getting thirty or more messages from customers a day whether their emails facebook messenger Chat messages phone calls. Whatever it is thirty or more. It's time to start team because to really take care of your customers at a high level that's going to take a couple of hours a day. Even if you're the most efficient worker in the world i would say at least a couple hours a day so now that we've established that. How do you get started one when it comes to hiring your first customer support team member. It's a really critical. It's really important for you to choose the right person. They need to be flexible. They need to be adaptable. They need to be organized and self motivated. Why because they're going to start building your team with you. Yep they're going to help you build that team and i'll explain how so basically you're first hire is like a super duper customer support agent. Why do i say super duper. Because they're not only going to be answering your customer support emails or tickets or whatever they are. They're going to be helping you build a customer support system. You need to build the system so that you can start building a team and the system includes how your company is portrayed to your customers. what are the protocols. How do you regret your customers. How do you close tickets. How do you make sure that your customers are satisfied. This also includes you know how to use the customer support software. You're using with us to intercom or zen desk or maybe it was just email. This also includes standing operating procedures. What do they do. And there's a problem with its billing or a technical problem so this first agent is not only helping customers. they're also documenting the system documenting. How do the job and from the start you to tell them. Hey you mar super duper agent. You're going to be doing all this stuff. But the next person i hire is going to be somebody on your team and you're gonna have to train them. That's going to be responsibility. So get ready. Have your training materials ready. In my opinion this. I hire needs to be inexperienced. Customer service agent. Somebody that has done. Customer service knows The job has done high pressure situations and is above and beyond qualified. Right you on someone. Who's really good done this before because this is going to be a challenging position you want somebody who's hungry. Our first customer service agent was cindy highly experienced highly motivated. Just a super hard worker. The reason why this is important. It's because they're going to help you find other agents there in the market right the people that do their job and they're gonna know what it takes to work in your company to deliver great customer support and they're gonna be able to really prequalify and tell them in advance. Hey this is what it's like to work here and this is how you win. This is how you can be successful. And that's exactly what happened with us. Cindy actually had a sister who was in customer support. Her name is cj so in cj joined our team and cindy trained her. She hit the ground running. She knew exactly what to expect. She knew exactly what. The company's like is cindy told her. And even if you're second higher is not you know somebody sister or somebody's relative. They will tell them in the first interview. So what's important here is to set the tone with agree. I hire for the second higher now funny enough. Cj who joined us over five years ago. Who started as an agent then became a customer support lead then a senior lead and then now. She's a customer support manager for the last couple years. She's moved up in the company and she's really been a great hire because of the foundation we built and she's helped us hire the rest of our team nine other people on the team but it all starts with a strong foundation with great training materials with grace standard operating procedures. And that's how the team is built. Now you're gonna do some work at the start because you're first hiring needs to understand the product these understand the system the tools and you're going to shoot some video so you're just going to do some screen casts videos on your computer or better yet you can do a meeting and record the meeting with The new hire and train them step by step the first week. You can do a whole bunch of sessions and record these individual videos and put them in your team. Collaboration tool withers base camper. Jiro whatever it is even trello and now you have a database of training. They can go ahead and create documentation that training. They can then start creating some training materials about six months ago. We hired five new customer support agents. And guess what who train these agents well. Cj did our customer support manager. She created all the training based on the trainings. That we had in the past. She created all the sap credit trail aboard for their first week of training. Actually the first two weeks and all because we started with one solid higher trained. Cj and then leader on trained the rest and of course it started with our documentation and recording of the procedures of the star. Obviously if you look at our first videos and how things were done It looks nothing like today. Because they've evolved and the people on the team have improved. It have taken it to the next level and made decisions. That really have helped the business in a big way.

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