Vatican: Pope John Paul II ignored abuse claims to promote McCarrick


Report report on on the the disgrace, disgrace, former former archbishop archbishop of of Washington Washington says says bishops, bishops, cardinals cardinals and and Popes Popes within within the the Catholic Catholic Church Church downplayed downplayed or dismissed reports for years that Theodore McCarrick was a sexual predator. Earlier We spoke with Washington Post Rome bureau chief Chico Harlan, whose lengthy report is now online. We talked about the news that Pope John Paul the second knew of the claims against McCarrick nearly two decades before McCarrick was removed the allegations and in kind of a telling way. Are more specific when you're talking about what was being discussed locally among the priests and bishops, and then they got, you know very systematically sanitised. They reached their way up the chain. You could see that page by page in this report. But enough reached John Paul, the second in 1999 and 2000. There was some I'd say I'd call it a protracted discussions about whether my character their next job is archbishop of Washington. And it was clear of that point to John Paul that McCarrick was sharing beds. With young men with seminarians, and at least it was, it was clear that there were allegations about that, and John Paul would have also been made aware of Some anonymous letters that had been describing McCarrick ahs a predator. So he went ahead after receiving a testimony written from the carriage himself. Denying all of that and saying that he'd never had sex with anybody. Ah, decided to make the character archbishop of Washington and then and then soon after, Cardinal and we know what happened. Now, how does this report treat the actions of Pope Francis and the inaction prior to him? The frakking McCarrick I'll give you I'll give you an answer you'll hate, which is that I'm on page 1 79, and there's there's about 300 more to go like I can speak to that only based on the summary. Uh, It was like the Mueller reports for Catholicism here, so let's let's see what little parts are hidden away in the footnotes. You know, you can't just take take the first word for it, but Seems to give the current pope a bit of a past framing it. As you know, he'd he'd been assuming that his predecessors had been had properly. Evaluated the Rumors are allegations against the character and the character that point was really not carrying on is active role in the church anymore, so he didn't he didn't take action until A clear allegation of abuse of a minor emerged in 2017, and that led to the character removal from from from service in the priesthood and that ultimately the frakking in 2019. Washingtonpost, Rome bureau chief Chico Harlan 12 44. Whether it's being on the

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