Proactive job strategies that work


So good morning and welcome. Good morning how ya get to see you and So i mean as quick introduction and italian oil great lecture four volume about them to find a job in using sales sales method. What is the sales manager. Use it. Because i have the same background i really connected to your approach in them. I want to bring it to the world of how to network yourself and that more proactive approach ties also been successful as sales person for manager for science and now you're a startup called gay yelm you'll tell them more about it so no sorry go ahead. Yeah no welcome to the podcast. Go ahead while your thank you. So thank you for. The production. Name is time or no. I've been working in different. Different says and business development tools for the past seven years or so six seven is also a previous company. I was Walking as panther up in science. And we've been working on scientists fully and a heff lately joined. The averse will set up consists of seven people. It's called pm. A pam is spend management platform basically help companies Replace the old corporate bank credit cards with our platform where they can actually issue credit cards and men's joe expenses and spend according to different vendors or employs. So if you can if you want finger to configure to the subtle flake then you mattered for payments in saas companies for subscriptions and foreign player expenses. That aso in pm. Basically i says the rectal majoor obese now to build the entire department for the grand out on the ground up to lay down the infrastructure for the says flows for a set process to implement the tools and hopefully soon within the next few months. Also start hiring for my team. Great so we will be on alert for that for anyone who's looking for job as in sales is always interesting to be in a startup. You know you can really grow fast this quickly about that in so basically you're working on a large company is a science in how is it is not to move into stuff from more established corporate into startup. What is it. What were you looking for So say by the time. I size walking size since i thought about going inside of the company off from the business development all the way maybe even more than that but you know use a metaphor that is that is just sort of electrode. Say that life is what happens while you're busy making other plans right. So this the the indian founder. He is good friends of mine for now me and we started talking about possibly one day at john start up and everything just happened much faster than he anticipated and even did seem of walking in silence. Full folio to is more I wanted to just go ahead and jump right in and take. This opportunity was handed to me. So that's why. I basically chose to join. It wasn't like sort of like a plenty that they had in mind for a long time. I did hear about this company from other people as well. And i think the major change is that the company as big an structured assassins. You have the right set of tools to use. you have set of process. You're part of something. That's the second machine. Second machine people do calls the doing out linked animals. Everything is documented. There's a process. And all that. And when i joined the when you join like such a small startup like that there's there's just absolute chaos. Right you need to lay down the infrastructural in need to choose the tools you need to build up our the sales process and the deal flows and you need to start and understand. Basic metrics like pricing foil product for example. Like how long does one cell cycle take right. We shall metrics that you are having a company such science so these are some of the main differences and like my challenges coming in now says later in the company.

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