Woman In Critical Condition After Apartment Fire In Englewood Chicago


In the angle would neighborhood WG and Scott Marshall is on the scene and has more police and the fire broke out. Around 12 55 this morning on the second floor corner apartment of the 500 block of West 72nd Street. Street. Now Now 32 32 year year old old woman woman was was taken taken to to hospital hospital in in critical critical condition condition for for smoke smoke inhalation. inhalation. There's There's also also a a family family of of five five that that was was displaced displaced due due to to the the fact fact that that they they live live underneath underneath the apartment where the fire broke out. They told us they were awakened, said knocks on the door and the alarm going off. Now we do know the Chicago Fire Department is still here investigating they have not figured out the exact cause of this fire just yet. But again one Person was taken to the hospital in critical condition with smoke inhalation and two families have been displaced. Illinois is coming off another record setting day

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