Cybertruck Rumors, Honda/Tesla Credits, Battery Suppliers Follow Teslas Lead (11.02.20)


Everybody ralph now. we're here. Welcome back to tesla daily after the weekend and a bit of a break at the end of last week so we have a bit of catching up to do today. But we do have some news on me. Tessa truck dessel regulatory credit situation. The full self driving beta model y battery suppliers and then of course some things to talk about with the election which is coming up in the us tomorrow so starting off with the cyber truck. These fall into a couple of different buckets on is news is rumours so on the news side. We have gone on twitter responding to homers who has now taking a bit of a break from twitter so the original tweet here that yvonne is replying to has been deleted but it did say something about when we would see updates from yuan on the developments over the last of your sons the unveiling you wanna talk about some small changes over time and he quote sure maybe in a month or so and quote something to look forward to you there and then of particular interest to your to potential customers in europe for the cyber truck. Ilan responded to are slanted friend and nothing less on twitter. Who said quote. You know that most of us who have cyber truck on order in europe. Don't want a mini-me wolverine sabir truck and would gladly get extra certifications on our licenses to drive a full-sized one. Please don't assume otherwise. Getting extra sports is not a big deal and quote. you replied quote. Didn't realize that was possible. No problem if there's a way to get current designed cyber truck approved in europe and quote. So i haven't looked into those regulations myself. I'm sure they're probably vary country to country but maybe a bit of an improved therefore potentially you customers. That's kind of the news category. Let's switch over to the rumors category. These are coming from ride. The lightning tessa. Podcast by ryan. Mccaffrey fantastic at check. That out. anyway. Apparently ryan has unnamed source at tesla has a little bit more information on the current state of the cyber truck. And i know ryan wouldn't share it if he wasn't confident in that information but some interesting updates here and i think the timing as well with ilan talking about details more details being shared about a month from now so as far as rumors go. I'd put this as relatively credible but again just a rumor. The most interesting thing here is on the tri motor topped the lions average with course at the failing tested with a range of five hundred plus miles saying they intend to do better than that. So ryan sources now saying that internally they are now expecting that to be about five hundred and sixty miles and by the time the vehicles launched they might be able to even get that a little bit higher again. Just a rumor at this point but i think that would be at least in line if not ahead of most people's expectations even with tesla saying more than five hundred miles at the unveiling which was already almost a year ago. But based on the specifications tesla has previously said at unveilings to actual product release. I think it would have been fair to expect. Maybe twenty five to fifty mile increase. So if we do actually get sixty or even a little bit more than sixty above tesla stated year on the cyber truck. I definitely think that's a win. A couple of other notes from the source on the cyber shock. Apparently there have been steering wheel. Changes from the prototype. I don't think that's too surprising. The prototype had a very similar concept to the roadster prototype where it's not actually a full circle the sourced and say if it is now after these updates full circle but did say that a quote fits beside truck and quiet does with a couple of notes on the hardware but the source was actually most excited for the firmware. Saying that quote. Were not even ready for what it'll be able to do and quote so i'm too much on that we've that for the common section but i think it probably have to do with a lot of added utility from this vehicle. Obviously we know a few things like being able to charge the atv or power tools at battery day. They mentioned looking into having h back in the bed. So that with the cover on it could be used for a really great camper setup. I'm sure they'll have a few interesting ways to utilize the suspension system. So even if we do get a few more details in a month. I think we'll probably have to wait. Until actual delivery start to really fully understand all of these additional features all right next up today we have an exciting update for tesla in regards to regulatory credits and the situation in e you obviously we know. Tesla has a pooling agreement with fiat chrysler and today that agreement has expanded so honda motor. Company will be joining that pool with fiat. Chrysler and tesla meaning all three companies emissions numbers will be pulled together and judged as a single entity so while we don't have confirmation of many details other than the fact that honda is making this move presumably they would be paying to join into this pool because they would be unable to meet the emissions requirements on their own per bloomberg quote. The japanese automakers entry into other two companies pooled. Fleet won't change. The conditions of a three year agreement reached with tesla twenty nineteen a fiat chrysler spokesman set and quote as for the impact. Tesla i would not expect this to be as significant as the fiat. Chrysler deal simply. Because of the volumes for each of these manufacturers in europe fiat chrysler does about a million vehicles a little bit more than a million vehicles per year in europe whereas europe is actually honda's smallest market. They only do about one hundred and fifty thousand vehicles. You're up each year. Depending on the emission profile of the fleets the credit can be different. It might not be a linear volume but it would seem like there would be at least some correlation so i would guess this would may be have. I don't know ten to twenty percent of the value of the fiat. Chrysler deal which is believed to be about one point. Eight billion euros or a little bit over two billion. Us dollars and of course that was over that three year period so if honda is only over a couple of years that percentage might even be a bit smaller. So i don't know maybe it's in the hundred and fifty million to two hundred million dollar range. Which could be twenty five million dollars a quarter or so which is a really nice boost. But i think we're gonna see here that that's going to end up being a relatively small part of tassels earnings power over the next eighteen months. So hopefully we'll get a little bit more details about this over time.

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