Breaking news in San Antonio tonight, where Mayor Ron Nuremberg and Bear County Judge Nelson Wolff


In the President. Trump says he's pardoning his first national security adviser who twenties pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI then sought to dismiss the case. President Trump announcing on Twitter. It is my great honor to announce that General Michael T. Flynn has been granted a full pardon. Congratulations to General Flynn and his wonderful family. I know you will now have a truly fantastic Thanksgiving. Fox's John Decker president, Trump Continue Doing his efforts to overturn election results today, calling into a group of Republican state lawmakers discussing the Commonwealth balloting. We have to turn the election over because there's no doubt we have all the evidence we have all the affidavits, we have everything all we need is to have some judge listen to it properly. Federal officials have rejected claims of any widespread voter fraud. Pennsylvania certified its results this week declaring Joe Biden, the winner in the state. America is listening to Fox News. No tell you Oh

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