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Pretty good line from ready Brian, but in for the great one, Mark Levin again if you want the breakdown The history the Sequoia Voting Systems owned by Dominion. What really goes on Just fax? No nonsense did re tweeted out at Bremen Radio on Twitter. Take reach here inform the rest of the masses. As I've been talking about voter fraud as I've been talking about this systems. What's real? Why this moment in time is so important. Why every day that goes by matters even with tomorrow being Thanksgiving The truth about voter fraud. In Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Here's the truth about it. It's existed. Within all of them. Even recently. Until in the previous segment. I have no personal knowledge of fraud anywhere else side of Florida. So I know what you know if you're well informed. It has to be evidence that has to be proven. I do know what's possible because I have dealt with it firsthand. So we take a look at fraud in the view of the possible the view of the possible Significant. All right, so Do you want analytical perspective about voter fraud. Just consider this. And every one of these six states. Over the past 10 years. We've had voter fraud has been convicted. Six states. 103 criminal convictions of voter fraud. Mm. That's real. That's Evidence in the courts. It isn't reported in your news media. Kind of like the fact that Joe Biden is not president elect on November 25th because they said So on November 7th. There a lot of things in this particular window this particular moment in time that matter well beyond just the presidential election cycle. Now,

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