Seattle Issues New Guidance for Domes, Heated Tents, and Outdoor Seating in Winter


Even Even those those that that have have found found ways ways to to create create outdoor outdoor seating seating was was called called Miller Miller Live Live tonight tonight with with how how they're they're managing managing and and the the push push to to create create that that space, space, Joel Joel Oh, yeah, well, Preston, this stretch of Ballard is really setting the bar. As far as those outdoor dining options go. We're seeing these wooden structures with roofs and that just down the street, these massive tents just past that some smaller uncovered patios and outside of the city, other restaurants are finding new ways to host diners. Coming out. Anything else at levitate gastro pub is equal a night out, looks a little different these days, a few tables out front. Ah, whole lot of empty ones on the inside and out back a recently covered patio. It's still Just barely, You know enough to get by older Eric Paschal says with New New Cove Cove in in 19 19 restrictions. restrictions. Business Business is is down down 80%, 80%, which which is is bad bad news news for for his his employees. employees. We We just just had had to to lay lay off off some some staff. staff. With With the the new new order order that that came came out out he's he's banking banking on on this this outdoor outdoor set set up up to to help help bring bring in in guests guests and and to to keep keep them them dry dry and and warm. warm. Just Just down down the the road road at at Vita Vita Bella Bella have have a a whole whole place place full full of of seats, seats, and and I I can't can't use it. It's time for an improvised to just past the lighted trees of 40 by 15 FT tent. It just went up. They're still putting the final touches on it. So this will be the same table cloth Blumen, Zwick says. This should seat up to 50 people. That's with the max of five people allowed per table. Normally, Thanksgiving evening is quite a bit of people. And of course, as you can see, you know you're limited to how many people you're going to get in here and even the tent. You're limited to how many seats that you have. At the end of the day? He just feels fortunate to have this space. And the opportunity. And that tent is one of six were told that the downtown is equal Association helped to fund for some of those restaurants and the running joke. We're hearing that some of these establishments is B y o. B. But in this case that means Bring your own blanket back to you. All right. Thank you. Cole. The last minute rush for Thanksgiving items has

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