Walking Tall: Heighten Your Confidence, Resiliency & Optimism Amid Adversity


Hy-vee one. It's connie five and welcome back to another episode of the connie fife show now today with me. I have a really special guests. Somebody that i've known for for a number of years meta through the national speakers association and she is just a dynamo some might so that recently we've included her and invited her to join us on the talent concierge will label and she. This woman does just so much. And i can't even go into all of it and i'm gonna let her share more of it when we bring around here so let's bring a right into the studio into the connie five show. Peggy o'neal welcome to the show as glad to be here. We you have done. So since the moment i met you. I've always admired you and your resilience and the things that you have done and nothing hold you back. And you've had some of those obstacles along along the way you know like you're like a super superhero superpowers. I mean you swim with the dolphins and some of the work that you've done you know outside of your speaking career by author in your adventurous in your always traveling. You're always putting yourself out there doing so many different things. But i wanted to step back and let our our listeners. Understand a little bit about you a little bit about your background so if you would be willing openness share that that would be fantastic at sounds. Good my background is like law. Decades duck in a some of the highlights would be that The first surprise to my parents. When i was born i was a little person. And that means that. From when i was born because My parents are. I'm three and three feet eight inches tall. So i have a significant physical difference so on the bill like from here to timbuktu off on the left side right now Right values so my parents are average size. I have to average sisters. And i have a brother who is also a little person but when my brother was born yeah. My brother was born that my of the doctors told my parents wouldn't happen again so they were very surprised. When i came out. Who who go. There were sort of mixed messages. When i was there as a child and then i went to school and i- pluckily was a gifted with a brilliant intellect. School was brief for me but the social part was very difficult. And i'm sure yeah and The teasing the name calling. And i may i say i didn't get beat up. Ready thing awry diminutive grow right so but it did cause a lot of scarring on my sense of self worth than my new niche and that is sort of the basis of everything that you bring into the world. So i worked very different. I've worked very diligently to sort of get to the root of it. And it has been much more work in process than i had up rematch with the good news. Is that you lane happens. And i have resurrected from the ashes of crashing and burning and wanting to commit suicide in thirty mid thirties in. I have used my story to inspire people to overcome their challenges to find resiliency within the nose and to celebrate their own uniqueness as well as the differences others the right right and i mean you just stand i mean when i look at you i see you know a very tall seven foot woman who is not letting anything get in her way absent now so and in fact you can laugh about this is tremendous is is really tremendous now your background. I mean you're you. You have benefit professional photographer. You up yes in a keynote. Walking tall i talked about inner inner smallness inner bigness and we have outer outer smallest inner bigness. Anu anytime. I think the reason that people are impressed by me. Remember me whatever is because i have sort of that off drugs to position of my stature. And such a spirited large inner stature. Yeah you do. I mean you're you're you are bigger than life. I mean it has nothing to do with your with your size. I just i just love you. But again i mean you've had really several careers in your life. You are professional photographer. You have three certificates in psychotherapy You know this on and on and on your your meditation teacher. I mean just so so strong under restaurant your own restaurant as well right. I have a loose here. I was like okay which i want to read but yeah you owned a restaurant. I mean you're you know you have an entrepreneurial spirit and now you move down to writing. Books have several books six now right and your professional speaker. Should i go on and say. I've been a speaker for almost twenty years and all that other stuff yep and in a twenty year period so me. A few tries to write sweet spot. While isn't that. What happens though it would under preneurs. I mean i was a corporate executive. I was a corporate ceo. In when i left that. And i actually just got interviewed for a national magazine about the work that i've done and and actually set back. Oh yeah. I've been doing this almost fourteen years now but in that fourteen years there's been a lot of trial and error. There's been a lot of tripping over myself. There's been a lot of really digging deep and trying to figure out what it is that i was going to do that. I enjoy doing in addition to building a business out of it and it was like out of that thirteen almost fourteen years. It was three and a half years ago. I finally found my sweet spot so sometimes takes us awhile right right so it's called evolution. Yes. it's called evolution evolution. That's right that's right The the interviews that he knows that i kept reinventing myself. I said well. Yeah i guess. That's what what we do as entrepreneurs and you know we just keep keep pushing forward and this was a year of colon where i was going to remember. That was a year lottery mentioned for a lot of people on that evolution at continued that continued on so couple of things that that i just wanted to chat with you about today. If we can so again you've had a lot of hard times you talked about. Know suicide in your and but you resilience. I mean you are so resilient and an. i know that you share that message with your audience. When

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