Next time they won't do a million


Cost. There's a new development in Pennsylvania's post election litigations. They judge in Pittsburgh position a temper injunction to stop the states of doctoral certification. The ruling means that Pennsylvania is prohibited from certifying the rest of its election results in down ballot races and from taking any further action. In regard to yesterday's certification of the presidential race, which the secretary of the Commonwealth had called for Joe Biden with more than 80,000 votes in a lead over President Trump, Pennsylvania's attorney general on Twitter, has already indicated an immediate effort to appeal the judge's order and saying quote this order does not impact Yesterday's appointment of electors, unquote Correspondent George Kazadi. Rudy Giuliani says something must be done about what he's turning election fraud. We allow elections in the future. To be conducted the way this election was conducted. We will have lost our democracy. Giuliani says what he calls election fraud with melon ballots in Pennsylvania must be stopped. He addressed the Pennsylvania Legislature if they can just enter 600,000 some odd Mail in ballots without allowing a single Republican to view it. What's to say that next time they won't do a million Giuliani says. That Election fraud must stop in the state. President Trump in Wild is claiming that quote this was an election that we won't easily. Crippled, a spokeswoman Jeanette McGee says, because of Cove, it concerns a higher percentage of Thanksgiving travel this year. We done by car Last year, 89% of all Thanksgiving travel happened by car that shares actually increased to 95% this year. That's because the car just gives you more comfort. It's your own space. You were toward deciding who you're traveling with, and you're deciding where and when you want to travel or the story's a town hall dot com.

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