Dallas Cowboys Strength And Conditioning Coach Markus Paul Suffers ‘Medical Emergency – Undergoing Medical Tests’


Paul the cowboy strength and conditioning coordinator was rushed to the hospital early yesterday after collapsing in his office at the team's frisco practice facility about seven thirty yesterday morning and he was of course they They called they called medical emergency responders and was was rushed to a hospital right away and the cowboys didn't release a lot of information. I decided that it happened. You know and that he was undergoing medical testing and and that while even even mentioned the testing errors that was part of what led to the problem. A rumor that that spread that that he had died and a lot of outlets published that he had passed away out. Part of the part of the problem was the fact that they had. They cancelled practice yesterday. because of this and no explanation was given so people thought. Okay this is this is more than just somebody not dislike covid nineteen or something or somebody somebody who had a heart condition and had to be taken the hospital. I saw it on a tweet that my daughter reid tweeted because marcus. Paula graduated from syracuse. In one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and they were outlets in syracuse reporting that he had died and his daughter issued a statement on facebook saying her fifty four year. Old dad was on life. Support in the family was praying for a miracle. That is apparently still the situation this morning. Although we don't know but yes. A lot of a lot of people did report That he had died and apparently some of that and again now. Now we're now we're wandering into You know rumor and speculation but apparently some of that came from one of the cowboys players. Who posted a tweet strongly implied or said that marcus paul had died and they were praying for him and they hope that he was watching over them. And and that sort of thing Tmz reported at ten forty six yesterday morning pacific time. of course. it's two hours. That marcus paul in fact is not dead former new york giants offensive. Linemen tweeted rest in peace coach. Paul you'll be missed so there was a lot of confusion.

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