Are You Fully Persuaded?


I'm not gonna ask you to stand unless you're already standing. God bless you. I just wanna read one verse of scripture that is found in romans chapter number four and verse number twenty and the bible says you can put that up there for me. Phil appreciate it. He that we're talking about. Abraham the bible here is speaking of abraham in romans chapter four verse twenty in verse twenty one. He staggered not at the promise of god through unbeliev but was strong in faith giving glory to god and being fully persuaded that what he god what god had promised he god was able also to perform abraham staggered. Not at the promise of god through unbeliev but he was strong faith. I want to be strong. In the faith. Giving glory to god being fully persuaded that god had promised god was able to perform. I wanna talk to you today from this versus scripture. something that i entitled. Are you fully persuaded fully persuaded. Let's pray together. Jesus we love you. We thank you for your blessings in your goodness. And i'm asking that by your spirit you touch in this house this morning as you've already done continue to move in our hearts anoint. My lips my tongue. My voice our hearts and our ears to hear the word of the lord today. We asked this all jesus wonderful and precious name. We give you the glory and the honor in jesus name and everyone said amen. God bless you may be seated. How about ahead. give the lord. One more hand clap appraised together this morning god is so good so good you can see from our scripture text this morning. That abraham was fully persuaded. And he did not stagger at the promises of god through unbeliev. Paul the apostle was also fully persuaded. In fact he wrote enrollments chapter eight. I'm not going to put all these scriptures on the on the screen this morning. Because i have several of them i want to read. So i'm just gonna go through them. But i will give you chapter and verse. Romans chapter eight verse. Thirty eight and thirty nine. The apostle paul wrote here and he said i am persuaded that neither death nor life nor angels nor principalities nor powers nor things present nor things to come nor height nor depth nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of god which is in christ. Jesus our lord. The apostle paul was fully persuaded. Can you say in. The apostle. Paul also wrote to his protege timothy in this second epistle written two timothy chapter one verse twelve and he said for the witch. 'cause i also suffer these things. Nevertheless i am not ashamed for i know whom i have believed. I know whom i have believed. And i am persuaded that he is able to keep that which i have committed onto him against that day. Paul knew who believed in do you. And are you fully persuaded that the one you believe in is able to keep that what you've committed unto him against that day and hebrew chapter eleven. The apostle paul also wrote some. Don't believe that. The paul wrote the book of hebrews. I do that. it doesn't really matter anyway. Because it's the word of the lord but the apostle road here. Speaking of great heroes of the faith he said these all died in faith not having received the promises. Did you hear that. They died in the faith not having received the promises. You need to understand something here today. Every one of us have dreams and plans. Every one of us have ideas of what god is going to do. And what's going to transpire in our lives. I'm here to tell you today. That many of us if not every one of us are one day going to step on to streets of gold having not seen some of the things we've been expecting to say. Did you hear me not everything we pray for and everything that's going to come to pass is gonna come to pass the way we think it's going to come to pass in our life but i will serve him anyway. These people the bible said were persuaded having seen these things in the future. They were persuaded of them and embrace them but they had not received them and they were taken up into glory and they confess strangers and pilgrims on the earth. They didn't belong here anyway. And neither do you. And i we are kingdom bound and we are part of god's kingdom. Can you say now. The word persuade. I'm gonna ask you today. Are you fully persuaded good question. We should ask ourselves. Am i fully persuaded. The word persuade is a verb because it is used in the sense of doing something to someone else persuading them it means number one to believe something especially after a sustained effort to convince the person of such things to persuade it also causes us to do things do some things because of the fact that we are persuaded that the reasoning and the argument is true and so we act certain ways because we been persuaded that it is worth doing and it is the right thing to do now james in his epistle chapter two verse eighteen said this he said someone will say you have faith i have works and then he said this show me your faith without your works i will show you my faith by my works in other words. I'm not just all talk. I live what i preach. I live what i tell you i believe and so i do it. I don't talk about it'll tell you god is great. I live a life. That shows you that i believe god his greats lord i live a life that proclaims jesus is lord by the things that i do he went on to say in chapter two verse twenty. One was abraham father justified by works when he offered isaac his son on the alter. Do you see that faith was working together with his works and by works faith was perfect and the scripture was fulfilled which says abraham believed god and it was accounted to him for righteousness. Don't just tell me you believe.

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